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SyroCraft is a semi-vanilla survival Minecraft Server. Aka survival, with a few extra plugins to add a few elements to the game. We have been around for over a year of public service with over 1,000 total unique logins and 150,000 forum views. We pride ourselves on being a close-knit community of all types of players that even play other games together.

Our staff is extremely dedicated:
We have 2 staff members, not including the owner. Between the two, they have placed over 100 million blocks, spent spent over 50 days of playtime in-game, and continuously supported other players. All while living their own lives.

Even though the server is a survival server, we have built up our own personal universe with lore. With events like the invasion of Doomskull, Herobrines Revenge, Halloween Mystery, and many more.

Server Events:
Our server regularly creates and hosts events. We have seasonal events and other events. Examples: Christmas Event quests, Halloween Event Quest-line, World Boss Events, Player-made events, etc.