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ThePrisonServer is a 24/7 prison server. You will start off as any other prisoner in real life would start out, at the bottom of the totem pole, as you work your way up there will be new skills, levels, items, shops and even housing. There are 5 obtainable ranks D-Prisoner C-Prisoner, B-Prisoner, A-Prisoner, and Elite-Prisoner. Each offer a Different and challenging way to rank up. There is PvP in most locations, besides the Selling and Mining areas. Hope to see you on ThePrisonServer, and remember “Dont Drop The Soap!’

ThePrisonServer has tons of ranks, and more planned to come in the future. Ranks on the server are obtained with the in-game currency. You can earn in-game currency by mining and doing jobs around each of the blocks. You get to the next rank by typing /rankup.

The rank of criminal is the default rank. You use this rank to go through the tutorial and learn how to play on ThePrisonServer. To get to the next rank type /rankup then /spawn.

D-Prisoner is the first rank you actually play as. The goal of a D-Prisoner is to mine and chop trees to rank-up to C-block. Ranking up will cost $40,000 and grant you access to C-Block.

C-Prisoner is the second rank you can achieve. In C-Block you will Mine and chop down trees to rank-up. The mine now also has gold! Ranking up will cost $140,000 and grant you access to B-Block.

B-Prisoner is the third rank of ThePrisonServer. B-Block now has diamonds to mine. Also a very difficult parkour course to enchant your items. Ranking up will cost $250,000 and grant you access to A-Block.