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Stoneburner Gaming SMP

Featuring a brand new survival map focused more on enjoying the vanilla aspects of the game, Stoneburner Gaming’s SMP server and it’s affiliated community are celebrating 10 consecutive years of community driven minecraft gameplay!

Our Survival Multiplayer server focuses on a heavily community driven experience. Community members have real input into the changes we implement, and the direction we take in the near and far future.

Our server has a fair set of rules that are in place to protect you, the player, and should in no way affect your ability to have fun. Our team of staff members have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and are always friendly and willing to help new players.

In terms of ranks, we have a system that rewards player creativity and ingenuity. You can advance through the player ranks by creating cool builds, redstone contraptions, mob farms etc.

We do not feature any paid rank or reward systems, as we are privately funded, and believe rewards should be based on effort, creativity and merit over paying for advantages

Should you wish to join us, we would be more than happy to welcome you with open arms. We’e looking for fun and dedicated members to join our server and expand our community. Come and say hello c: