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[SEASON 2 Just Started!] $150 Payout For Island Top! | Diorite Network

SEASON 2 JUST STARTED! (30th May 2020 – 30th Jun 2020)


ISLAND 2nd PAYOUT – $50 PAYPAL! + $50 Buycraft

ISLAND 3rd PAYOUT – $50 Buycraft!

Join our server to participate!

Server IP:
Version: 1.8 – 1.15.2

Diorite Network | Small Cosy Community
Skyblock – Bosses, Event crates, Dungeon, Pets, Wilderness & more!

A unique Skyblock experience, unlike any other server. Join us to find out more!!

It gives a fair chance for every player to fight for the TOP 3!

Insane in-game lottery will be given EVERY HOUR on the dot!
We are pumped to invite you guys over to join us in the fun. We are still growing and newly launched, so do help us out as we continue to improve the server and grow as a community! See ya in game!

Looking for YouTuber and experienced developers, builders & moderators. Do feel free to come join us and see if this server suits you! 🙂