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*NOTE: This is a hard (Game Mode) Server! You will die to mobs, Do not be reckless!

Welcome to Minecraft server, This minecraft server uses a Custom World Generation in the first 7,000 Blocks, We have disabled the costume world generation after 7k blocks to allow Natural World spawning items to generate with the Release Versions. This server will increase 2K Blocks per update revision to ensure fair access to new material, The main world will not be reset unless it is an Absolute must.


  • Building within the first 1,000 Blocks from spawn can result in buildings being reverted (only if the player is offline for 3 Months) (or is considered Grief)
  • Admins may World Guard a build that fits well into the environment. (this will only keep people from “building” and will still allow PVP / Rading)
  • No Advertising – Do it on the forums….
  • No Hacks
  • No Anti Player Glitch (Duplication , Spawn killing) – Can result in everything you have ever done on the server being reverted. (AKA don’t be a jerk)
  • Admins PVP fairly, If you feel you where “cheated” post your recording on the server forums or On Planet Minecraft for Review)
  • What commands can us defaults use?
    – /sethome – Will set your home.
    – /home – Teleports you to your home.
    – /afk – Alerts players that you are AFK.
    – /suicide – Self explanatory.
    – /msg – Sends a message to a player that you type in.
    – /ignore – Ignores a player.
    – /r – Quick way of responding to a message.
    – /lock – Use LWC to lock your chests!
    – /tpa – Request a teleport command.


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