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Minechasm is a Minecraft server focused on as few rules as possible, where you can do whatever you like in-game. Play free of moderators and admins, use hacked clients, build, grief, explore, play the game to its fullest. We hope to serve as an alternative anarchy experience for those who are tired of other servers or wish to start a fresh, brand new one.

There are literally no plugins that interfere with the game experience. You won’t even have announcements telling you to vote or whatever. It’s just you and the world.

The Minechasm map is a default world going to 30 millions blocks out. It is presently only a few days old and about 20 MB in size, and will never be reset. What will it look like in a month? A year? Come online and be the very first to shape its history!


Version: 1.13.2


Subreddit: /r/Minechasm´╗┐