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Welcome to the official Jojovein server!

Jojovein is a modpack server based on Jojo’s bizarre adventure. Using mods like vampirism, mca, abyssalcraft, custom quark poses, and cyberware, it captures the supernatural meets natural feel of the franchise. The modpack is light and fast, yet full of content.

To progress, you become a vampire or a vampire hunter. You can level up and select skills on your skill tree! Eventually, you gather spiritual energy and create a stand arrow which gives you a stand power!

Discord Link:
Modpack Link:

You must use the twitch launcher to install the modpack.

Other Features:
– MCA: marry villagers and have a family
– Factions: Claim land and fight other players
– Inventory: Keep your inventory, death penalty is exp and weapon durability
– Personal Horse: Whistle for it anywhere!
– Archicraft: Build big personal structures!
– 1.13 and 1.14 features!
– Difficult nights, learn how to fight the cool new mobs with unique AI
– Waystones, tpa, cyborgs, tree chopper, and more!