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AztecMC – vanilla raiding and griefing

Server address: – no port.

Rules: 3 simple ones: Keep it PG-13, don’t hack, and don’t spam. more details

We’re vanilla SMP with some features:

  • Set a home with /sethome
  • Use /tpahere to have someone teleport out to you
  • Voting rewards – 3 rewards every 24 hours
  • We support raiding and griefing because that’s half the fun:

  • No chest protections
  • No player block protections
  • Have you stumbled on someone’s base? Grief it.
  • Are they still home? Kill them and take their stuff. Nobody’s going to stop you.
  • PvP not for you? Many of our players feel the same way, and can give you tips on how to stay out of danger.