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Kingdom: Dark Ages (in development)

  The next iteration of Kingdom is currently in development. It will be the third iteration of the Kingdom RP Community’s chain of servers. Please keep up with our development on our website at, where news is posted on a regular basis.
  In the past, Kingdom has succeeded in conducting experiments where the goal is to recreate society somewhat. Hundreds of players have participated in creating settlements rich with roleplay and weaving stories worthy of documentation. I hope you will join us for this next iteration, or at least peak your head in.

Mission Statement
  Seeking to present players of all levels of survival and role-playing experience from beginner to seasoned veteran with a unique take on the Survival/Medieval/Fantasy/RPG genre; where the focus isn’t on a preset storyline narrative rather a living, organic, and naturally evolving server experience. In Kingdoms: Free Lands the tale woven is solely driven by the players in the community and their choices.
  Unlike servers with story driven plotlines and linear play style, Kingdoms: Free Lands makes the player feel like they are immersed in a truly free and ever-changing environment where even the smallest choice can make massive changes in the world the server presents. With rich lore and diverse freedom of play styles, as well as a wide variety of resources and massive map to explore, the limits of what you can do and how you choose to play are only limited by your own imagination and ambition.
  Will you live the simple life of a village farmer, seek out new lands to colonize and conquer as a region sovereign, walk the path of a pious monk, or raise mighty armies and warbands to wage war on the realms? The choice is yours. The die is cast and the paths are all open, where will your story begin?