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ExplitKingdoms ⚔️ Factions-Kingdoms ⚔️ SkyBlock ⚔️ AutoBuilders ⚔️1.8-1.14.4 CRACKED

Hey! I am the owner of ExplitKingdoms! Explit Kingdoms is a faction-Kingdoms server which is based on a custom-plugin made just for this server to make it unique and original. There are 3 kingdoms: Knights, Samurai and Viking!

Each kingdom has special abilities!
There will be a weekly event where we take 1 strongest faction from each kingdom to represent it and will go through a pvp event were the factions members with it’s leader fighting the other 3 factions to decide the strongest kingdom in a week. And by winning you get awarded 500K Dollars and all the factions in his kingdom will be awarded 100K Dollars Each!

Each month the top 3 factions that won the most weekly events will compete in a pvp match to decide the winner and will be awarded a 100$ gift card from Explit’s Store!

There are MANY custom enchants that are very great and makes the game more fun to play!

FTOP: 100$

Islabd TOP: 100$