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CivWars: Build, Conquer, Raid, & Trade | Featuring Towny Flag War

Create or join a Town, make a Nation, and expand your Empire! Go to war, fight for land, power, and domination! Create shops and markets within your Towns for a unique trading experience. CivWars offers a superior platform consisting of PvP, Survival, Building, and Economics, all combined into one. Join now and play alongside our long-established player base!

Our Features:- Towny: Our server incorporates a semi-custom build of TownyAdvanced. This allows you to create Towns and organize them into Nations. Nations can interact with one another and make alliances, or enemies…

– War and Raiding: Here we have fair and organized war, no losing your bases while you’re asleep. Conquer enemy land by planting fence posts or war flags on outer enemy territory. If you can keep up the war flag, that land will be yours. This allows for wars to be entirely PvP based, where the better army wins the war.

– Warmongering Prevention: Because of instances where groups grow to big and dominate the server, we have enacted new rules. These allow player Towns to grow their economies and political systems free of worry. But don’t be to relaxed, the ability to war is still there!

– Politics: Players on CivWars can enjoy creating complex political systems to govern their Towns and Nations. If you are looking for this type of game-play, join today and join a community of like-minded players!

– Staff: Most of our staff have the ability to play along due to the lack of abuse-able permissions. But, Administrators, Developers, and Managers may not. Regardless of whether they have an alternative account or not. We enforce this to prevent staff from abusing their administrative privileges. Our game-play is staff-intervention free and any who play aren’t above you as players!

– Vanilla Bean: Experience original survival with your friends. When you join the server, we only give you enough food and supplies for your first trek out into the wild. We aim to keep the Vanilla Minecraft Survival experience. Barring only a few restrictions and modifications to certain vanilla mechanics.

– Building: The possibilities for building are endless. Towny allow you to collaborate with friends to create wonderful builds. Towns are claimed areas of land, and this area may be composed of up to 2000+ combined Town blocks. Or to keep it simple, a Town block is equal to a 16*16 Minecraft Chunks. (You can actually see them with ‘F3 + G’!) Make your Town an architectural wonder, create a sprawling city today!

– PvP and Balance: Our entire world has PvP enabled, including all Towns. If you are in a Nation, you can ally and enemy other Nations, making organized, fair, and fun wars and raids. You won’t have to worry about abuse of McMMO mechanics used by an over-powered Faction. Or, unscheduled drop parties that further put offline players at a disadvantage.We strive to make sure everything on CivWars is aimed to be fair and balanced. If you vote for the server, you don’t get diamonds; or if you donate, you don’t get fly or vanish.??
If you log off during PvP on CivWars, you die — and drop all your items.

– Economy: We have implemented a balanced economy and market systems. On the main server market, you cannot sell items, allowing for a unique trading experience. Players have the ability to create markets within their Towns. There, players can create shops for others to sell to, or buy from. This allows for a true economy. The main hard currency we use are diamonds, which are exchangeable for fixed prices at spawn.

– Mining Rewards: Here on CivWars we have implemented a custom feature called Lost Souls. This is a special currency, with it’s own special shop. To get them, simply keep mining under Y-30, they are extremely hard to come by. You can’t pay real money for them and all players have the ability to find them! Start searching today!

Raid, and Fight for Domination. Become the wealthiest player, or the leader of a great Nation. Create your Town and rise to the top. Join us today and be the master of your own destiny!
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