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Era Semi-Vanilla

Welcome to Era Semi Vanilla!

A whole new world for you to explore, new people to meet, and ranks to work towards!

Alongside the standard semi-vanilla design of the server, Era provides 7 ranks for players to climb through with progression, advancements, and playtime.

The server also features Anti-Grief plugins, a random teleport feature, and various quality of life commands to make your experience on the server as fun as it can be!

Era has a tight-knit community that never fails to let new players feel welcome. The owners and developer are very helpful and knowledgeable at the game and with the more technical side of the server. They are willing to put in the time needed to help your experience on the server.

If you have any questions about the server please don’t hesitate to join the Discord or add nate#0001 or Paxei#9188 if you have any questions or if you wish to learn more about the server!

1. Don’t be rude in chat.
2. Swearing is allowed, just don’t be overly vulgar.
3. Hacking or cheating will resort in an instant permanent ban.
4. Absolutely no use of slurs in chat.
5. No racism, sexism, or discrimination of any kind.
6. No griefing.
7. Listen to staff.
8. No begging in chat.
9. Follow the golden rule! We are all here to have fun!

Thank you for reading, can’t wait to see you online!
-nateIRL and Paxei