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📣 TMV.ZONE 📣 Chill Survival Server 🌳 Hermitcraft-like Community 👋 Looking for New, Mature Members

About the Server:
TMV.ZONE is a great server for people new to Minecraft as well as longtime players to hang around and have fun! Having a positive, welcoming community is my number one priority. I personally welcome you to come on the server and say hello!

Come play survival with us! You can randomly teleport somewhere to build alone, or you can join one of the many towns and build with the new friends you will make here! We have top-of-the-line grief protection, so if any of your stuff gets destroyed or stolen, I can undo all the damage in mere seconds! Another cool feature is that we give a different player a turn to be the server owner each week. They can choose their own team of admins and moderators, too!

Do you like cookie clicker? Do you like games where you just can mindlessly do a repetitive task while making progress? Then this is absolutely the game for you! In this game, you mine blocks from a mine, sell those blocks to make money, and use that money to rank up to the next rank! Then, you will unlock a new mine and the cycle continues. This game takes place within a nice town, and you are able to rent houses within that town, too! Wander around and make friends in this relaxing game!

Intro Video:

Server IP:

Click here to join our Discord!