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The Frontier, a cross between factions and anarchy.

The Frontier

This is a factions anarchy server. Not anarchy as in a total 2b2t clone, but the literal definition. Anything goes on this server.

Lie, cheat, steal, and kill.
As long as it is contained within the server, you will never be banned.

Create a faction and form order within the anarchy, or seek to destroy all who wish for peace.
The choice is up to you to how you will leave your mark.

Server highlight features:

  • Factions like claims (1 warp per faction)
  • 1 personal home warp per player
  • Full vanilla 1.14 experience with expanded mechanics (with more to come as time goes on)
  • Anarchy-lite “no rules” like culture.
  • Hard mode.
  •  Owners: