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Knockturn is a community of people who came together to build the world of Harry Potter. The server currently features Hogwarts, DiagonAlley, Knockturn Alley, Parts of London, Kings Cross, and Hogsmeade Station.

The server has it’s own customized plugins. It features it’s own spells plugin that lets your Harry Potter experience come to life by giving you the ability to cast spells and features wand movements and backfires! A potions plugin that lets you do Harry Potter potions with immense skill. A broom plugin that allows you to start out as a firsty with no flying experience, and as you fly, lets you get better at flying, and stop falling off your broom and having it shake! A plugin that allows you to speak with Mr. Ollivander to find just the right wand for you! A plugin that lets you go to class, and raise your hand, and gives our professors full control of the class! Not to mention the Chocolate frog cards! Want to level up? Almost everything you do in the server gives experience, which can be checked with /profile! Once you are at 100%, boom, you can be the next year! This is just some of the plugins that exist, and does not even begin to explain the future of our plugins that are to come.

In addition, everyone has roleplaying names from the start! When you first join, you can choose your first name, then you are randomly added to one of the server’s families. This adds the ability for each person to start with a different story and connects players in their ability to have siblings and make up more complex stories. Is your brother or sister the bane of your existance and losing points? Did they get Gryffindor instead of the house’s perferred Ravenclaw? Are they your favorite person in the world and you would give them stuff in order to make their time easier? All of this can depend!

Want to play quidditch? The server features a quidditch plugin that allows players to start a game and play the game at any time! Just head down to the quidditch pitch and do /qjoin inside one of the squares in the team tents, and you can start as a Beater, Seeker, Keeper, or Chaser. Of course, you’ll need a broom. (Bluebottle op nerf please.)

In addition to all of this, we also feature a survival side and a towny plugin. You can go to mining world and kill people, use magic to aid you, or build a town safe from anyone with all your wizarding friends. Anything you could want can be possible.

Our Website is

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