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Mob-Arena is a mini-game where you kill waves of mobs in an arena. The minigame has always been boring with the traditional weapons such as swords and bows. However, we have guns that can help you fight these mobs. Featuring a wide variety of guns, including AK-47, FAMAS, Steyr AUG, Schmidt Scout, AWP, XM1014, PP-Bizon, Negev and many others! You can also tame your own pet and it will help you fight the hordes of monsters. Natural regeneration and mob-to-mob damage have also been enabled, which means you are able to use a creeper to blow up other mobs! Beta ran through May 30, 2015 to June 23, and we’re happy to announce our first release patch! We’re fresh, 40 slots, and ready to enjoy!

The server DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY MODS. Using vanilla 1.8 or higher you can join the server and correctly view the 3D models, however it is highly recommended that you use vanilla Minecraft 1.8.4 or higher to join the server. Optifine for 1.8.4 is compatible with the server.

As we have been released and we do not have a high need for staff, staff application requirements is now increased to Corporal I instead of Private I. The age restrictions are still minimal.