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Stalker’s Way Minecraft server

Server DescriptionStalker’s Way

We present to your attention minecraft server version 1.12.2 on the Stalker theme!
Tired of boring and monotonous servers? Do you want to plunge into the atmosphere of the exclusion zone? Our stalker RP project is exactly what you need!

Feel like a loner, explore the zone, collect artifacts, become the legend of the zone! For those who like to shoot, we offer the war of factions.
Stalkers and Bandits, Freedom and Duty: choose your side and fight for your interests and those of your people.

Study anomalies, communicate with people, find connections, become the leader of a group and decide its fate yourself.

You will see all this and much more on our server!

Account Add Added Gran Grand Has Owner Ran Rip Survival Multiplayer Survivals Survivalserver This World You

World Grand Minecraft server

The owner of the World Grand server has not added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

000 100 1000 Admin Core Epl Good Lvl Mcc Mini Rat Replay Strat Survival Multiplayer Wit

MCCorePlay server Minecraft

Good server with adequate administration. PVP, 1000LVL AND MUCH MORE

Admin Eam Free To Play Minecraft Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Economy Minecraft Survival Mini Night Pvp Rat Strat Tea Team Welcome

NightTeam server Minecraft

Hello ✋, you are welcomed by the server administration

570 Arena Arenas Content Entity Hun Hunger Hunger Games Mall Mob Mob Arena Small Ten Today Weekly

EntityMC – Survival – Creative – Hunger Games – Mob Arena – Events – New content WEEKLY

EntityMC is a small community Minecraft server with Vanilla Survival, Creative, Hunger Games, Mob Arenas, and much much more!

Join us today!

Acidislands Bedwars Buildbattle Craftmc Creative Custom Factions Inca Kitpvp Minecraft Pvp Romania Skypvp Skywars Survival – Gaming Without Limits

◈ Despre

Aceasta comunitate a fost fondata de doua persoane ce doresc sa aduca ceva nou comunitatii de Minecraft din Romania.
Comunitatea noastra se bazeaza pe respect, comunicare si bun simt, atat din partea staff-ului cat si din partea conducerii administrative.
Am fondat aceasta comunitate cu dorinta de a implementa noi moduri de joc, noi feature-uri si un altfel de gameplay.

◈ Performantele serverelor

Pentru ca dumneavoastra sa aveti parte de un gameplay cat mai placut, am avut grija sa punem la dispozitie cele mai performante si optimizate servere.
Utilizam niste sisteme ce monitorizeaza in permanenta performanta serverelor noastre si ne anunta in mod automat atunci cand exista diverse incidente pentru a incepe procesele de remediere cat mai curand, iar gameplay-ul sa nu sufere modificari.

◈ Feedback-ul jucatorilor

Vom asculta si analiza in permanenta parerile jucatorilor pentru a putea vedea ce modificari putem aduce server-ului, astfel incat sa satisfacem asteptarile si placerile a cat mai multor jucatori.
Parerile jucatorilor sunt cele mai importante pentru noi.


Bone Casual Casualpvp Community Epicworld Epicworldgenerator Extrahardmode Hardcore Hardmode Kink Rdm Simpleclans Survival Worldgen Worldgenerator

[1.16.2]TheCatThatMeows’ Community Server!

I am setting up a CRACKED minecraft server, running with 8gigs of ram allocated towards it.

The current vision for the server is to grow into a semi-casual community.

We want to offer a home for a broad variety of players and groups, whether they be casual or more on the hardcore side.

We do have PVP enabled at all times on the server, however you can toggle your pvp flag on the normal Survival World, should you choose to be a PvE player or wish to take a break from PvP.

The server will be up as much as possible on a home machine, and will likely dedicated once there is enough of a playerbase.

The server is fresh and newly set up, while there is some kinks to iron out, the core is ready. We run EpicWorldGenerator and have authentication, anticheats, multiple anti-griefing measures, pvp that isn’t too restrictive, Essentials for QoL, an optional clan system for pvp or casual group play, and an optional Harcore World, with separate inventories, that runs the ExtraHardMode plugin(which adds many layers to minecraft, making survival much more difficult).

The server will be under continuous development, but the backbone is there and ready to be used.

We have bigger plans to integrate RPGCore into the regular Survival world in the future as it updates for 1.16.2 support.

While this plugin is very complex we would like to configure it in a way that casual players, as well as hardcore players can enjoy it to their fullest.

At the moment spawn is under construction, however informational signs are set up to guide you around and give more information about us.

If you run into things that shouldn’t happen or you think shouldn’t happen, let me know and I’ll be able to resolve issues quickly.


1161survival Custom Mob Custom Mobs Dimension Grind Helper Helpers Java Moderators Monster Monsters Progression Survival Tags Tebex

Ozzy’s Survival

Hi, my name is Ozzy. Today I invite you to play on my small survival server!
I am constantly adding new things every day and I take suggestions and advice so the server can evolve and grow at a much faster pace.

This server is perfect if you want a unique 1.16 survival experience but still want to have that same grind. We have additions such as;

– Harder dimension versions (Hard End & Hard Nether) with harder monsters and better drops

– Name tags drop from the harder mobs, which can be traded for unique items at /warp HardEnd

– Crates that you can acquire not only by purchasing them on the store, but as well as crates you can get without spending any money!

– Custom mobs & Bosses

– Boss drops to get better items

– Spawners

– Tags (Can create your design own if you’d like)

& so much more!

We intend on having the following in the near future;
– More bosses
– Gear progression (level up your gear a step higher)
– Quests

~ 3 moderators
~ 2 builders
~ several helpers

discord –

server ip –

Store –

Alia Faction Factions Server Follow Jus Lec Noop Op Factions Open See Staff Star Start Target Title

Valiant Factions

Valiant Factions Is a fun and op factions server. I just started this server and are looking for staff/players. Join this discord here
>> see you soon 🙂

2077 Account Add Added Auto-mine Cent Has Magazine Minecraft Cases Minecraft Kit Start Owner Rip Robots This You

# HAKERCRAFT # Minecraft server

The owner of the “# HAKERCRAFT #” server has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Added Build battle Emc Hack Has Mcp Minecraft Spleef Owner Pot Potato Rad Tat This Trade Vape

POTATO CRAFT | VAPE | | / hack | | SURVIVAL | Minecraft server

The owner of the server “POTATO CRAFT | VAPE | | / hack | | SURVIVAL | ” hasn’t added a description yet. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

Classic Drinks Expensive Free To Play Minecraft Grief Protected Menu Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Survival No Dupes No Launcher Pvp Russian Minecraft Teleportation Vanilla Like

LimeCraft server Minecraft

Welcome to the LimeCraft project! We tried to make a classic and as stable survival as possible. Clans are made through a convenient menu in which you can monitor the rating of your clan and fight for the first place in the top! PvP arena, with four teleportation points. A car park where you can get a free donation just by jumping! An auto mine in which you can get the resources you need. Effects. Inexpensive donation. Powerful anti-cheat that will prevent cheaters from spoiling your game. Constant moderation. There is no chat filter that can interfere with normal communication on the server. Lots of drinks. Inexpensive donation.

Dupe Dupes Emotions Free To Play Minecraft Grief Protected Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Economy Minecraft Survival No Dupes No Launcher No PvP No Resets Pve Russian Minecraft

iGoCraft.Ru Server 1.15.2 Minecraft server

Description of the server Project iGoCraft.Ru – Launched the first Crystal server 1.15.2.
With the Survival game mode, we only have the most necessary plugins on our server.
Our server is fully Russified. A stable and interesting game awaits you, without lags and glitches.
Without wipes and dupes, stable operation of the 24 by 7 server is ensured.
When playing on our server, know your buildings and inventory will not be lost anywhere.
And playing on this server will bring a lot of pleasant emotions and pleasure!
We have a convenient clan system, with clan wars and clan chat!
You yourself can choose which mode is more convenient for you to play. There is a world with PvP mode and PvE mode!
There is also a convenient menu in the game!
Since the Administration is constantly working on the server, improving it daily and updating it to the latest current version of the game!
We wish you a pleasant and interesting game with us!

Arme Command Donate Hack Ken Kill Kills Man Myst Neo Nks Opé Ranks Survival Multiplayer Tat

TheNeoNX Minecraft server

The server has statistics – / mystat Ranks – / rank (From sp) Free donate / rt open you can get roulette for 5 kills or with the / hack command by clicking on the charmed chicken

Account Add Added Cent Gift Gifts Has Más Massa Omg Owner Rip Survival Multiplayer This You

❤️ SURVIVAL OF THE BOMG ⭐ GIFTS TO ALL ❤️ Minecraft server

The owner of the server “❤️ HOMASSAN SURVIVAL ⭐ GIFTS TO ALL ❤️” has not yet added a description. If this is your server, add a description to it in your account.

1000 1000 лвл Dupes Edm Fly Free Admin Free To Play Minecraft Grief Protected Minecraft Clans Minecraft Donate Minecraft Economy Minecraft Herobrine Minecraft Survival Pvp Russian Minecraft

1.7-1.8 Distributions every hour + 1000 lvl + mini games Minecraft server

Discounts for donation -75% site:
vk group:
Go to the server there are mini games + survival.

1.19 Bukkit Chop Datapack Early Lobby Obby Regenerate Resources Spigot Spigot Plugin Tree Trees Updated Vanilla

🔹🔷 Vanilla Skyblock ◾️ 1.16.2 🔷🔹


MC version: 1.16.2

Cubelet is a completely datapack powered
vanilla server, that means no bukkit or spigot plugins c:

The server is still in early development and is constantly being updated,
especially skyblock! In my version of skyblock some blocks regenerate over time,
so you can keep on expanding and building your island as much as you want.

In the skyblock spawn you will find a shop, a zone to chop down some
trees and a cave to gather some valuable resources!

You can also visit other people island by using the command /trigger visit set PLAYERID
(you get a list of every player ID by pressing the TAB key)

I hope you’ll enjoy the server as much as I enjoyed making it, see you in the lobby! 🔷

2020 Admin Bee Cloud Esp Kind Minecraft Parkour Player Players Pro Project Rat Strat Unique Wait

WhiteCloud server Minecraft

WhiteCloud – This is the same project! Which all players have been waiting for, for 2020! We have a unique survival! Kind, responsive administration!

Hub Keep Kyn Kywars Lag Mcp Mcpe Minecraft Pe Minecraft Sky Wars Mini-game Mini-games Mom Perfect Skywar Skywars

SkyNex | Game servers Minecraft PE / BE server Minecraft

The server has a hub where mini-games will be added, there are players and at the moment there are SkyWars, the server build is good, the server does not lag and keeps up perfectly

1.12 1.12.2 Beginner Best Donate Grief Minecraft Grief Minecraft Survival No Dupes Pet Pets Pvp Res Russian Minecraft Wit

TreshMine Best grief server (beginner) Minecraft server

Description of the server A beginner minecraft server 1.12.2 with buns in the form of Pets.

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