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Cult of Nozo.kuma3

Welcome to the Cult of Nozo.kuma3! We are a furry modded minecraft server that welcomes all furs only! You have to join our discord server to get the mods in order to prevent trolls;


1. Keep the server friendly and work with everyone; don’t create a depressing atmosphere or just don’t be a bad person effectively.
2. No griefing; we backup the world every 2 hours so there isn’t really any point to grief the server.
3. No harassment.
4. No racism, sexism, or any discrimination of the sort.
5. Common sense please
6. No item-generators which cause lag;
7. Be a furry.

Only Punishment for breaking the rules: IP-ban.

We can choose to whitelist the server at any time. You NEED a discord to play on this server.