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Here is a quick reference if you don’t feel like reading:
– All who wish to be a member must apply using our application in the Discord (it’s easy)
– After acceptance you will get a message from one of the staff members
– Enjoy!

Looking for a nice community of fellow Minecraft players all working together or separate in a lag-free whitelisted server?

You are??

STOP LOOKING! You’ve found the server!

WhitelistMC is a server created and run by Vanilla Minecraft lovers. We created this server because we ourselves had trouble finding a great whitelisted community to be a part of, so rather that continue to search forever, we made one.

Our server is hosted in the US AND in the EU so you can choose which is best for you to play on! Our application process to get in is super easy and really fast. Best part, our server is 100% FREE. We are a community server so we do run on donations here and there to help with the costs of the servers, but that is all optional based on how you’re feeling that day.