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I am currently hosting a brand new server called SunGames! It is going to be a minigame server including (Bedwars, spleef, skywars, hide & seek, and much more! We are looking for a staff crew with a total of 20 members! Thats why we are looking for experienced developers that can contibute with the server! You need to know a couple plugins including a bedwars. skywars, spleef or some other minigames plugins. You also need to know the basics like luckperms, decent coding or scripting to make the server at its best! We are also looking for builders that can build a spawn, that is similar to hive, hypixel or mineplex if you know what i mean. You could also help with the minigame maps. Add me on discord “Sundoku#5148” or just type the server address (Hosted by Apex Hosting) Have a great day!
Version:- 1.8-1.15.2
Status: ONLINE
Updated: 06.06.2020

Do not swear
Dont abuse powers
Never talk bad about other players
No racism
No hacked client
No exploits!