Active Best Clan Clans Class Classes Coop Dark Dedicated English Event Events Floating Going Good Intelligent Join Jungle Kit Land Lands Law Map Minecraft New Nice Old Online Open Play Rol Role Roleplay Server Title War Wilderness

Pawstep Pathway Warrior Cats- Don’t join if you don’t read Warrior Cats!

Do not join if you haven’t read Warriors- Into the Wild by Erin Hunter.
NEWS: A new map is in development. I’m putting my best work into this map, so it’s going to take a while!


Our Current Clans

CLAN NAME CLAN PERSONALITY TERRITORY AVAILABILITY DustClan Cunning, bold but also sneaky Jungle/Dry lake OPEN! GladeClan Swift, withdrawn, spiritual Moor/Pine forest OPEN! ReedClan Sleek, intelligent, withdrawn Lake OPEN! CavernClan Fierce, sneaky, cunning Mountains/Underground OPEN!

Our Special Clans

CLAN NAME CLAN PERSONALITY TERRITORY AVAILABILITY BeachClan Sleek, happy, laid back Jungle/Underwater TRUSTED ONLY! TempestClan Fierce, bold, strong Floating Islands TRUSTED ONLY!

Our Equivalents of BloodClan

GANG NAME GANG PERSONALITY BASE AVAILABILITY The Glaring Eyes Cunning, intelligent The Sewers DEDICATED ONLY! The Glinting Claws Violent, wild The Mansion DEDICATED ONLY!

Other Classes

CLASS RELATIONSHIP WITH CLANS/GANGS PERSONALITY TERRITORY AVAILABILITY Kittypet Negative/Negative Lazy, less smart, nice Twolegplace TRUSTED ONLY! Loner Negative/Neutral Active, suspicious, defensive Wilderness OPEN! Rogue Negative/Neutral Violent, vengeful Wilderness LIMITED!


AFTERLIFE NAME GROUP PERSONALITY TERRITORY AVAILABILITY StarClan The Clans Kind, serene, good Starry, glowing forest OPEN! Dark Forest The Clans Unkind, violent, evil Hazy, red islands TRUSTED ONLY!

Sometimes, we have events going on that change the structure of the Clans or add new groups. As of 6/13/2020, there is an antagonist group known as the Society that has caused chaos among the Clans. Join now and find out what will happen!Please try to follow the Clan personalities, but add your
characters’ own personalities on to them.
Do not join if you haven’t read Warriors: Into the Wild by Erin Hunter, don’t know how to spell or use grammar at all, or are discriminatory/rude in general. Due to the cooperative roleplay nature of this server, you may only use English while online.

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