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Mineunited Network

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[Mineunited Network]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

´╗┐Mineunited Network offers a wide range of servers to play on. Currently our we are offering our Skyblock server to the public. You can connect to the server via from versions 1.12.x – 1.15.x. We are in alpha testing so please bare with us as bugs will be around. We will be adding new content and updates on a weekly basis to bring the user the best possible experience. At this time our forums and donation store are currently down as we do not feel like it is right to offer these things right off the bat. We want to gain the trust of the community and the player base before we as a staff team start offering donation ranks. The forums will be open with the first couple updates.

Want more updates from the staff team of the server feel free to join our discord at

We are all looking forward to seeing everyone.
– Mineunited Management