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Kingdoms of Exilus

A rogue in an unknown land, you don’t know who or what is waiting right around the corner. It’s a dangerous thing to be on your own. Can you best the wilderness and the brigands waiting in the shadows? Or will you swear allegiance to a kingdom in exchange for safety and safe trade? Choose your leaders carefully: peaceful diplomats, wandering merchants, or powerful tyrants. Engage in politics and, if you play your cards wrong, go to war. Gather other rogues and create your own kingdom. Create a name for yourself in the server’s lore library. In this fantasy medieval land, the possibilities are endless.

Server rules can be found HERE.

To apply to the whitelist, join the discord and check out the #peasants channel for the whitelist form. Once you’re whitelisted, you can dive in and begin your story.

See you soon, adventurer.

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