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Beyond Insanity Survival

฿ɆɎØ₦Đ ł₦₴₳₦ł₮Ɏ ₴ɄⱤVłV₳Ⱡ
Have you ever been one of those people that always thought Minecraft was easy? Just survive, build cool stuff and beat the ender dragon? Or do you love a challenge, and want one in Minecraft? HOGWASH. Gone will the times be that were easy in Minecraft.
Become a part of the hardest server to ever hit the server listings, and you are sure to be given a new challenge to spice up your survival a little (teehee!).
Food is usually plentiful on most servers.
Hostile mobs on every other server are like playing on peaceful compared to the ones found on BIS.
Normally, you don’t require water to survive in Minecraft. Not anymore broski, lol.
It’s gonna get a little windy when you join, by the way.
You see those trees and plants over there? Yeah, me neither.
It’s gonna get hot during the day and chilly at night, you better bring a blanket and lots of water…
Hidden recipes will aid you in your survival, if you’re keen enough to find them.
That’s enough details for now. What’s that? You wanna know more? That sucks, don’t it?
Nah, I’m kidding. I wouldn’t do you like that.
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