Minecraft Server for Perverts

Stealing pantsu is not as easy some may think. Even if you’ve been doing so for a few years, stealing pantsu can be expensive.

Girls on Minewind love wearing pantsu, so much so that they’ve even given up the occasional high-rise apartment in hopes of having a proper life together. It turns out if you don’t have the cash to move up in the world’s most expensive real estate market, you can still find love and a way to make ends meet. And, yes, there really are some girls in Japan who can afford to be beautiful.


There are two types of pantsu. The easiest pantsu to steal is the chuuwa. Chuuwa are pantsu that have been worn, possibly over the course of a couple years. These come in a few colors (white, pink, burgundy, etc.), and as seen in the top photo, also come with a white band around the waist. These are great if you want to blend in or dress up. If you want to steal a pantsu but not know what they are, you can often find a chuuwa on clearance. To make it even easier to steal pantsu, check the price sticker on your jeans or buy one from a vendor at your local store!

However, if you are willing to pay over the internet, there are websites where you can find a small, plastic wallet which are very easy to use, especially if you are not sure what to do with it.