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ElytraForce Minigame Test Server (something new) | looking for playtesters

Hi There!
Looking for something different, something unique from those oversaturated survival / creative / factions servers?
ElytraForce Minigames is looking for playtesters!

What is ElytraForce Minigames and what makes why do you need playtesters?

ElytraForce is a relatively new network that is based around offering NEW minigames to players and providing a unique experience! However, in order to playtest and balance these minigames, we need playtesters.

Ok, so what are some of these unique minigames you claim to have?

ElytraForce has a variety of minigames planned / currently in operation, some of which include:

ElytraForce – A fast paced elytra based combat gamemode where two teams battle it out in the skies above using lasers, rockets, cannons, plasma swords, and evade each others’ attacks using their Booster Systems!

RailgunRoyale – A battle royale gamemode revolving around explosive weapons known as Railguns! Destroy your enemies with explosive firepower and tactically outplay them with our 40+ railguns and 16+ explosive grenade types and be the last one standing!

Duels (Currently being recoded, still playable) – A strategic gamemode where two players fight using magic spells and powerful guns!

SandBox – An evolution to the classic Creative Plots gamemode, this sub-server of our network allows players their own personal worlds where they are free to test out different guns, mobs from DungeonRaids (currently under rework), build, create, and have free reign. It is also currently under rework, and planned features include limited World Edit and GoPaint Brush for those playtesters who are creative 🙂

DungeonRaids (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) – An extension of MobArena where instead of fighting an endless swarm of monsters, you clear out maps filled with unique and custom monsters, taking back the world Region by Region, sometimes slaying bosses.

Trouble In Traitor Town (Playable, due for a recode) – A minigame based off the popular Garry’s Mod game type, this game is less gun your opponents down and more of find out who the sneaky backstabbing Traitor is! Players are armed with guns and sent out into the world, but not everyone is your ally, as some of the players are selected as Traitors.

(NEW) ZoneConquest – An extremely fast pased class shooter inside of Minecraft where you must capture and hold ZONEs! Defend your zone with magic and gunpowder, utilizing the Assault, Scout, Grapple, Suppressor, Swarmer, Swordsman, and many more classes, each with a distinct playstyle that offsets that of the others!

Lobby Parkour (Not really a true minigame) – Infinite parkour which rewards you money and level XP!

Ooh, neat! How do I join in on this minigames testing server!

Well, first of all, join our Discord! It’s how we communicate with our players days where we are running active playtests on certain gamemodes! (

Okay, I joined your discord. How do I start playing?

Simply join the network through our IP,, or if that IP address is down, join through our backup IP,!

Have questions? Contact me Aesthetik#9784 if you want the Tester role in-game and in the discord!

Make sure to use our resource pack if you join!

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