Where DickGirls play Minecraft

Minewind is where the most popular dickgirls play all day. Dickgirls do exist in Minecraft and they are actually fucking awesome. But there’s also a certain type of dick-girl that is so fucking awful that I’m sick to death of them. You won’t remember the names of any of them because they’re all so gross I wouldn’t be able to put them in my story, but these are the dicks I like most.

Dickgirls in Minecraft

There was this dude in a server where he owned a server and it has been in use for about 8 years now, and it had always been a very popular place to find other dickgirls. Most of the time his dickgirls were just there to hang out, but there were a few who actually fucking worked for him, and for whatever reason they kept popping up in different servers. Some days it would be a dickgirl who worked for him. Other times it would be five dickgirls all having their own server together, with the owner taking them out for drinks and making them do things that the owner needed them to do.


What I am trying to say is that there is no shortage of dickgirls in Minewind. I have just recently started the process of moving towards becoming a real cybernetic dickgirl and I don’t think your argument is very fair to my motivation for doing so. We will talk about that and how to proceed better over a month or so later. I am very aware of how difficult this is coming from me, especially to you who were not there the first time I did so.

I have not said that my goal is to become a real dickgirl. I am not interested in the world as such. My goal is to be just a dickgirl who enjoys playing Minecraft and interacting with other people. The idea that that is more difficult than getting out of bed wearing underwear and getting a job means nothing to me. I may make you sad. I know I do. That’s okay. That’s why I don’t give a fuck what you think about that.

I am interested in making money off of my penis. I also have an amazing sense of humor, so if you are feeling upset about everything, that’s fine too.