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RaidPvP ~An Open Beta Faction Server~

RaidPvP is in Open Beta Currently!

What is RaidPvP?
  We are currently a Factions server that will open up to many different *Unique* gameplay experiences.
We won’t just be a Factions server. We will be updating our servers later down the line to bring out a new game-mode that emphasizes more strategic raiding.

  A competitive server with a new Faction-like mode where you can be recognized for your victories and your teammates/friends in your faction.
  ~ A new twist to the normal Factions mode that makes it more competitive and intense.
  ~ Makes raiding more strategical and defending more intense.
  ~ Climbing up the tiers to strengthen your faction with not to intensive grinding!
  ~ To take down all your enemy factions with your friends/teammates.
  ~ To be the strongest…..

That’s why we’re in Beta!
  We want to do this right. We want players to enjoy their time here on this server and make it their wild to stay and play our gamemode. We want to get rid of all the bugs and problems in these upcoming weeks to make this server more professional and fun for the player. Then we can load in our new gamemode so players can experience this time with us. Players that help us with the Beta will be gifted for their time once the full finalized server is released 🙂

So Come Join Us!

1. No harassing other members. This is a serious offence and will result in a ban
2. No advertising other servers, social media, video platforms etc. at any time. (Mute)
3. Don’t start fights and insult other members and staff. (Mute)
All people involved in the fight will be punished.
4. Don’t scam people (Ban)
Report to staff if you have been scammed with a video on our forums
5. Don’t be rude to other members or staff (Mute)
6. Do not sell or trade anything that involves real money in the server (Ban)
7. Do not beg or ask staff for admin rights or becoming a part of the staff team
8. Do not spam in the chat (Mute)
9. Please do not use racial slurs as a means of insulting. This can offend many people and will result in a ban
10. Do not ask staff to ban, kick, or mute anyone unless you have solid proof (warn)
False accusations will result in a mute.
11. Do not challenge the staff for their decisions at any time. Doing so will result in a mute or a ban if it escalates.
12. The duration of all these punishments will be decided by the staff depending on the amount of infractions on the rules as well as how bad the rule broken was.
13. Remember to be civilized humans and have fun!