Minecraft Servers to Play on Halloween

Playing Minewind with catgirls on Halloween night is my favorite past time in Minecraft. The combination of catgirls, spooky music and a cat is just going to make you feel the most giddy.

The first thing you’ll want to do is join a random sub server and spawn a catgirl inside of it. I suggest Moon as it’s a normal world here, though you can pick any random world you like:

Next, take the catgirl you spawned and jump the spawn point. You will see a black text box appear. The default text box will be red, while the new one will be green. This is your warning screen:

You will have some time to go pick out some outfits before being asked to pick one yourself. I typically always chose Catgirl, since it has a very nice looking outfit that is very realistic. Catgirl, with a dress and a cape, is the best choice from a creative aspect. However, you can also pick other catgirls, such as the bunny or pounce, which will make everything look even more realistic and cute!


Trick or treating comes easy to catgirls because everyone likes them so much. They love being touched and rubbed, and the more sensitive they are, the lower the body is touched. So make sure you are using a strong, firm grip – the easiest technique to get in and out of. It also helps to have a good pair of fingernails – they work really well for catgirls.