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I-Factions (1.8 – 1.15)

1.8 – 1.15 (Native 1.8.9)

A village, situated within an oasis of green grass and lush trees; a stark contrast to the surrounding arid desert and rolling dunes. War rages in the lands, you can hear battles nearby. You, a player among the population of other Commoners, Apprentices, Merchants, Knights, Kings, and Emperors look to find your place and rise to the top of the pile.

Lead a powerful Faction with all of the customizations imaginable, build a vast and intricate base to protect your items from persistent raiders. Raid massive enemy Factions and reduce their empires to rubble. Dominate the other Factions fighting for the glory of having the largest and most valuable empire.

Welcome to I-Factions, a component of the I-Network. With the best of Minecraft Factions, 1.7 raiding mechanics, enhanced PvP, a balanced economy, McMMO, custom and many more plugins which culminate into a grand player experience.

  • mcMMO
  • TntFill & TntCraft
  • Sell-Sticks
  • GenBuckets
  • Duels
  • Spleef
  • Crop hoppers (collectors)
  • FTop Prizes
  • Envoys
  • 1.7 cannons
  • Enhanced PvP mechanics
  • Discord:
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