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Grandpas Copper Mines

Welcome to the Copper Mines!

The game of Economics and Strategy… Will you become the next Mining Millionaire or perhaps a Bounty Hunter seeking those Millionaires?

Heres some Info on our server

  • You can protect your claim with Towny
  • You can put bounties on people
  • You can set up to 4 Homes
  • You can sell Ingots, Ores, or Minerals via the /Sell hand command
  • You can buy more town blocks with /t buy bonus
  • There Is a backpack you can use by doing the /BP command
  • Mine Spawners With Silk Touch Spawners
  • Its on Hard Mode
  • Theres no Back Command
  • No Donations Ever
  • You can Veinmine ores and TreeCap Trees!
  • Creepers Cannot do block damage but that does not mean they don’t hurt you!
  • The Ender Dragon Auto Respawns 1 hour after its Death
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