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2b2t has a griefing problem?

2b2t moved to another server recently, and then moved to a new server again. The griefers switched to minecraft, of course, the server, as you would expect, are packed with griefers, hell you can even find various thumps in these people. As for what they do in the game, I honestly don’t know. The sheer dedication and passion they show is disgusting and the amount of grief that I am seeing in these people is scary.

I never did consider griefing, I guess I knew that griefers liked being alone in their depression because they get pleasure out of using their shitty weaponry. I am now faced with one of the greatest challenges in my life as a gamer: I can’t let them win. The griefers move to new servers so that they can have better stuff like diamond armour and withers with meme nametags, which should never be seen by anyone, I cannot believe that this is happening, I cannot stand it anymore.

PvP is great. You can make friends with people in different worlds with similar interests, many of whom are based on camaraderie. But the world of Minecraft will not be much different. So instead of killing them, or making new friends, it’s better to get used to the griefers.

Semivanilla Survival Vanilla


  • Join The Drait SMP today, a cracked semi-vanilla server to have fun on!

    ignore these: sdhjgfbjsydftsdh dfg dfg dfg df gd fg df g t y fgy u ws ef se f sd f ,w jefn klsdrjghnriouhodit hadir hisedrhipsdh goseie hosd irg hjzpdfuig zpdjf g hujshjpsnjipf

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    Ruins of Avarath – Nations Semi-Vanilla Economy SMP

    Avarath [​SMP] [​Semi-Vanilla] [​Nations] [​War] [​Diplomacy] [​Economy] [​Shops] [​RP/Lore] [​Dynmap] [​Whitelist] [​1.16.5+]


    Welcome to Avarath, the Minecraft server you have always wished for. Build the mightiest and most glorious empires and kingdoms with your friends! The server will never be reset.

    Avarath or Ruins of Avarath is a Vanilla (mostly, with the exception of some essential plugins) SMP with focuses on nations and a strong player-based diamond currency economy. There are shops flourishing from the industry from all the resources of our 10000 by 10000 world. There are also Towns and Cities in different nations with some Roleplay and Lore involved as well! Join Avarath if you’re interested in creating the most magnificent history and drawing your own destiny. We have just started the server which already has an active thriving community and player base so it is brand new which is the perfect time for new players to join! We have tradeshops, community-driven values for items and conversion rates based on demand and a beautiful shopping district at spawn! Make friends and meet up with new people, the choice is yours! We’re planning to do a major event soon so join up!

    We are a mix between a pvp nation/diplomacy server and an smp economy server. Nations may claim land and create cities with shops. Come see the vast riches in the mountain keeps of TUNDRA or the secrets of Fox News.

    This server is whitelist only, so you’ll have to apply, run a legitimate Minecraft account and be on 1.16.5+.

    We have a few key plugins installed; essentialsx, dynmap, tradeshop, medieval factions, bettersleeping, anticreepergrief and more.

    My staff team and I are always at finger’s length away. We’re almost always online. Minecraft is my passion and I take all the votes and suggestions seriously.

    Thank you for reading! I hope to see you in the Realms of Avarath soon!

    We have an active player base, cool plugins, trade shops, a shopping district, and regular events and giveaways! We also offer beautiful cosmetic perks for you to use in-game to show off to your friends! Whether you’d like to start a war, create stunning builds, or make a profit in the shopping district, we have something for everyone.

    Bisexual Chill Chillzone Creative Date Dates Dating Fun Gay Hangout Lesbian Lgbt Survival Sweetlovers Sweetloversserver Transgender

    Sweet Lovers [1.17.1] [NEW SERVER]

    Greetings! We are a LGBT+ and straight friendly towny and creative community. We are called Sweet Lovers. We are a place to chill, hang out, make friends and harvest love. We welcome everybody that wants to be a part of a great cheerful non-toxic community. Also currently looking for staff to help this community grow. <3

    Minecraft Minecraftserver Server Survival

    A new Server with Survival Mode running on Paper 1.17.1. Please join now and lets enjoy new server. Suggestions and modifications are welcome. You can suggest if you want us to add new plugin. We are ready to explore new things with you

    Plugins Available

  • Biomerace Mini Game
  • Building Game
  • Claim Blocks
  • Shop
  • MiniBlocks
  • Multi-verse
  • World Edit
  • World Guard

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    Adrenaline Customcoded Minigames Other Pvp

    MCSmashBros – Unique Minigames Server (1.12.2 – 1.17.1)

    MCSmashBros is a uniquely custom coded server, featuring both PvP and PvE minigames!

    One of the most iconic minigames on this server is SmashWars! SmashWars shares similar mechanics you would see in Nintendo Super Smash Bros or Brawlhalla. Check out the video below to see what it’s all about!

    Players absolutely LOVE the rarity of this server. Once we build a community of players on this server, we plan on expanding into a network!

    This server features 6 other unique minigames like RiotArena, BlockBlasterz, ExplosionWars, RaceToTheFinish, DeadOrAlive, and AerialWars!



    🎵 SoundCraft Network 🎵

    We are a server open to all ages with many modalities
    made with care and commitment! Our Staff is Active and Competent,
    and ready to answer all your questions! In our server
    the Bedwars are present and the Vanilla is coming!

    You would do us a great pleasure if you entered our Server!


    Hyperion Gaming Survival

    Survival with Anti-Grief! Hyperion Survival is the true economy Survival experience. We offer fun and general add-ons such as player shops, anti-grief, in-game ranks.. With a unique chill friendly community and friendly staff that will make sure it stays like that forever. Join us today!

    -Address: 🔹 **** 🔹
    -Version: **1.17**

    – Quests ⚔️
    – Free Ranks 🔸
    – Player Shops 🛒
    – Chest Shops 🛒
    – Economy 💸
    – Anti-grief ❌

    Amazingcommunity Customenchants Customplugins Mcmmo Survival

    Faded Royals

    Check out the Website:

    Join the Discord:

    Minecraft Server IP:

    1164server 1164smp 116survival Antigrief Buycraft Claiming Economy Events Fun Griefprevention Landclaiming Levels Mcmmo Playershop Playershops Playerwarps Quest Quests Ranks Semivanilla Skills Smp Survival Voting

    RoyaltyRealms – Survival [1.17.1]

    Royalty Realms is a semi-vanilla Minecraft survival server offering a lot of fun events to enhance your experience!

    Looking for something you can progress in, our in-game leveling system is just for you then. Progress and earn more perks by leveling up through earning money and playtime. Need a server that offers special abilities like skills? We got you, we have 5 skills that will make your in-game experience more alive and active.

    Come check us out and see what we have to offer by joining us today @

    Join our discord for announcements and server news @

    Auctions Aureliumskills Battlepass Bloodmoon Bloodnight Chestshop Customenchants Customplugins Darkauctions Economy Jobs Lands Pyrofishing Quests Ranks Skills Survival Tags Tempfly Tiers

    Glistering Melon | Lands | Jobs | Economy | Custom Enchants | +More!


  • AdvancedChests – w/Custom recicpes to craft MASSIVE chests!
  • Advanced Enchantsments – w/Over 150+ Custom enchantsments that work with Vanilla methods as well!
  • Tags – Lots of tags that can be earned from Crate Keys!
  • AngelChest – Don’t worry about losing your gear all over the place!
  • Auctions – Player hosted Auctions!
  • Dark Auctions – Rare items are posted here every few hours!
  • BeaconPlus2 – Upgraded beacons for all of your needs!
  • BetterBackPacks – Craftable backpacks that will satisfy your hoarding needs!
  • Blood Moon – Night become much scarier every few day cycles but is worth the risk to venture out!
  • Chest Shop – Setup your own shop on your land to sell to others!
  • Lands – Claim land, make nations, rage wars, it is all up to you!
  • Chat Colors – Get custom chat colors from Crate Keys!
  • Custom Recipes – Awesome recipes have been setup for making spawners, chests, and various other things!
  • Minepack – Virtual storage that is expandable over time!
  • EpicFunaces – Upgradeable furnaces that make your life easier!
  • EpicSpawners – Spawners have never been so awesome with the boosts you can apply!
  • HiveChecker – Makes managing your Bees so much easier!
  • Jobs – With several jobs available to you there is surely something that will fit your game play and earn you money!
  • PetBlocks – Earn several different types of pets from Crate Keys!
  • Banking – Earn intrest on money you store in your bank!
  • TempFly – Earn flying time every day or purchase with in-game currency!
  • Quests – With over 900 quests you will be busy for a long time to come!
  • So much more!
  • Discord: Click me

    Website: Click me

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    2b2t has a griefing problem?

    2b2t has a griefing problem?

    2b2t moved to another server recently, and then moved to a new server again. The griefers switched to minecraft, of ...