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Clownfish Everyone Is Welcome – Free Ranks | Survival | Slimefun | Creative | Skyblock | Established 2010!

CFEW is a community that work together to improve its server. We are a group of minecraft enthusiasts of all ages and ethnicity who strive to create a fun, engaging environment to play minecraft in! Started in 2010, we have a rich history, and through the years the community has produced adventure maps, cool role-play maps and unique events! Our aim is just to have fun, and explore minecraft with friends! All our ranks are free, and we have a friendly mature staff base, who make sure problems are taken care of, and keep things fun!

Here is a list of what we offer:

  • Bored with minecraft? Try our slimefun server! This server is packed with fun plugins and includes several maps to play in.
  • Want a challenge? Try our survival server! This server has limited commands, and lots of great towns to explore!
  • Love building? We have several creative maps, great architect ranks, weekly and monthly building competitions, and a Build Team you can join!
  • Love building an island? Try Skyblock or Acid Island! We have both, each with its own custom shop!
  • Want a server where you can play minigames with your new friends? We have lots of popular games, including PvP, Paintball and Soccer!
  • We also run lots of cool events during the year – from creative building competitions in unique, inspiring custom maps, to Zombie Apocalypse survival maps, to Survivor (modeled after the TV Show)!

    Finally, we provide lots of avenues for people to get more involved, whether its joining our staff ranks, or volunteering to help with events or builds.

    If any of that interests you, and you want to become a part of a community that work together to build a server, come join us!