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EmeraldBattleCraft [Cracked] [PvP] [Raid] [1.15] – only for Pros

EmeraldBattleCraft finally is back! With the same old concept, which we ran successfully from 2012 to 2015.

☑ dedicated server
☑ few rules
☑ very hard
☑ custom plugins
☑ new concept

Battle Royales are hyped and yes Minecraft was the first introducing The Hungergames. Our server aims to give you a similar feeling. You can’t trust anyone, everyone is your enemy. The world border is set to 12k blocks, so everyone is close.

If you want to build, hide, pvp or just join a great and loved community, there you go.

We are currently running on 1.15 vanilla full release with custom crafted datapacks. So why not try 1.15?

/trigger sethome
/trigger home
/trigger spawn

PvP, Raiding, Griefing allowed!!

Just #1 Rule: What is possible, is allowed to do!
– You can raid everyone, grief everything, pvp with others, fool others, betray others, trick others, etc.!

And yes the server is really hard, you will have a hard time to survive in the night!