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Welcome to,

you just want to play with friends, whether Java or Bedrock?
Do you want to go on adventures and become the greatest pirate captain in Acid Island?
Or just comfortably pursue your projects on the Freebuild server?

Then you are right with us!

We are a tiny team and just have fun building, managing and expanding Minecraft servers and have been for a number of years. On our server we offer you a small but nice Minecraft server where you can let your Minecraft projects run free. Regular updates and expansions/changes loosen up the game atmosphere and you certainly won’t get bored.

What we offer you exactly:

Pirateblock (Acid Island im PiratenStil)

  • Own islands
  • Hidden Treasures
  • Weekly Trader
  • mines
  • Lots to discover
  • Skills
  • Special Rewards
  • Quests      
  • u.v.m.
  • Freebuild

  • Own lands
  • Battle Pass / Rift Rewards
  • Dungeons
  • Farmwelten
  • Jobs
  • beginner farms
  • Custom Textures
  • backpacks
  • Special GUI
  • We would be happy if you stop by!

    Server address: