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Crunchy Cafe

Welcome To The Crunchy Cafe

Current Event:
Collect your event items by trading in your cookies. Trust me you will have more than you need!

KitPvp – Survival – Skyblock – Pixelmon – Creative – Anarchy
Pixelmon Reforged 1.12.2All other Servers are 1.15.2

We are a simple survival server. Our main goal is to create a community where players can come together for a reliable place to chill and have fun. We originate out of previous owners neglecting their player base, going forever AFK, or just not caring about us the little guys. The server uses Grief prevention to protect land and we encourage a player ran economy.

There are many things to do, we have simple things like cookie clicker, PVP, rideable mobs, mob arena to large scale event like the PVP loot crate-free for all and Drop parties. Our mission is to listen to what our fellow cookies want and do our best to bring it to them.

We are always looking to improve to make a better place for everyone so come on by and have a look at what’s inside this cookie jar.

Join our discord >>> Click ME
We look forward to seeing you and having you become
part of the Crunchy Craft Family!