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[1.15.2] NEW! BlameTheServer – Extreme Survival/eConomy


It’s your standard Survival mode with a few limits attached. The standard Survival mode is way too easy and it’s time to take on a challenge. Here’s a list of all adjustments so far:

– Removed Enchantments: Protection, Sharpness, Fortune, Mending –
– Spawners Disabled –
– Doubled the length of the Day AND Night –
– Crops take much longer to grow –
– You can’t craft Redstone items. You must buy anything Redstone related from an in-game shop –
– Lose 10% of money on death –
– 10 Second delay on teleport commands –
+ More to come

The server might be difficult but we don’t want our community to be difficult. This is still aimed to be a relaxing fun time for anyone that joins!

eConomy and Survival go hand in hand. This server will not be generous with money, don’t expect to come on and make millions in a few weeks. You earn money currently by killing mobs, selling items to our global shop and by simply raising your playtime. Come in and start your money making empire today! We also have a versatile Land Claiming system which lets you charge rent and configure countless options with your land.

The server will have player pets that you can level and train to be worthy companions. Currently, there’s only a Starter Wolf but that will change very soon. We aim to have at least 20 different pets available to buy, each with their own statistics and abilities.

If you claim land or not, griefing is easily sorted. If you do claim land, you have complete control of what people can do to it though an easy in-game menu system. If you don’t claim land, there’s easy ways to lock your chests (without signs) and if griefing does happen, you can inspect the griefs with ‘/inspect’. Interacting with the griefed area will tell you exactly who did it. If you inspect the area or not, reporting the situation to an Admin will get it sorted as quickly as we can. Any type of grief can be reversed with a single command and everything will be as it was. The server keeps a record of every single interacted block and action so theres no way people can get away with anything.

Want to show off your stats on the server? We currently have 3 Leaderboards in server spawn showing:
Top Balance, Top Land Claim Chunks and Top Mobs Killed. More will be added soon!

This map has no borders! Never worry about having to build near anyone if you don’t want to. When you leave the spawn area on this server, you will be taken up to 300,000 blocks away from the centre of the map. Unlimited exploration!

The server is still in it’s very early days but we still have the incredible Intel 9900k processor powering it. Our RAM allocation is currently quite low bit will definitely be expanded and our player base grows to ensure the best experience for everyone possible. This server is active 24/7 and is based in Europe. Even if you’re American though, there shouldn’t be any lag that ruins your gameplay.

We have NO LOOT BOXES or anything of the sort. Instead, we’re using a simple VIP solution. Everyone with VIP gets exactly the same perks, no matter what you pay. There’s no VIP+ or anything like it. Just one rank for everyone that decides to donate to help the server grow. This premium rank doesn’t get you anything crazy game changing either, we want all our players to have a fair experience.

Our server map is extremely detailed and updates quickly CLICK HERE to open it!


New Minecraft Server
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