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Welcome to RiddleCraft!

We are a survival server focused on keeping the original vanilla style of Minecraft with a few enhancements. We are always online with players and staff available just around the corner! Along with an awesome friendly community and great server performance, we also have several features:

Chest Shops
You can buy and sell items from these shops, and even make some yourself! Comes with a display for the item on sale and an interactive UI to buy/sell from them.

Discord Server
We have a Discord server along with a Discord-to-Minecraft relay so you can be sure that there is someone available around the clock, and you can even chat to them through the game! Make sure to join us on the Discord so you can fully join our player community. Join us on

With over 10 jobs, special bonus abilities per job and 100 levels per job, you can be sure this is a great way to earn money to buy items! Includes fun quests you can get every few hours for bonus money.

Other features:

– 24/7 uptime
– Always running the latest Minecraft version
– Anti-cheating
– Anti-griefing
– Chest loot drops that appear nearby spawn
– PvP always enabled, except for in designated admin areas
– Voting with specialised random rewards

We are always looking for new awesome people to join, so try out RiddleCraft!