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Minecraft India

Hello And Hey There!

We are yet another Minecraft Server, so you must ask yourself “Why must I join this Server? There are Many Other servers Of More Than hundreds!”. Well, Read This And Find Out For Yourself

Minecraft India is a cracked survival community server focused on player satisfaction.

================= This Is What We Offer You =================


  • Gives players more than 300+ unique items that do not require mods
  • Ability To Grow Material Plants Like Diamond Plant , etc
  • Slimefun Lucky Blocks
  • New Food Items , Drinks , Plants And Fruits
  • More Weapons , Tools And Armor
  • Special Machines , Technical Gadgets , Magic And More!
  • Custom Mobs

  • There are Passive Mobs that turned Evil they are not normal in any way
  • Custom Hostile Mobs
  • Evil Passive Mobs will try to kill you if u attack them
  • Other Plugins And Features

  • Virtual Shops
  • Trading ( Right click to trade )
  • Main Menu System ( /menu )
  • Reputations
  • Shopkeepers
  • Use stairs as chairs to sit down
  • Special Crates
  • And More To Come!
  • Server IP: