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RarestEmsCove is a Survival Based Server with dozens of plugins and absolutely no lag. It’s based on a prehistoric and adventurous style of gameplay. We also involve RP, contests, games and hunts!
RarestEmsCove is a Java 1.12.2 compatible server with a custom Survival Map. In the Survival Map, there are dozens of places to explore and amazing places to see and build. We have good staff to enforce the law so that griefers/scammers won’t take over.
The server alone is really fun and great to play with friends! We are planning on gathering a non-toxic community with friendly people and we want you to be in it! It’ll be fun and adventurous. Currently it’s got only a survival world. Working on creative, and mini games atm. That is why we need staff and mods, to help us to maintain a community and environment!

And because it’s an Aternos Server, we can’t keep it online 24/7 so that’s why we give you the privilege of starting the server on your own! Just quickly and easily make an Aternos Account of your own and DM me (RarestEmerald#9837) your Account Username!
I take a look at DMs ASAP and answer when I can! Once I give you access, you’ll be able to start the server whenever you want!