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– Factions: Make a team or join one and rise to the top!
– mcMMO: Make common tasks in minecraft easier more complex.
– Combat Tag: Stops players from PVPLogging.
– Player Heads: Get the heads of your enemies to use a trophy!
– Auctions: Auction items for other players to buy.
– Public Shop: Buy Sell basic items for yourself.
– Raiding PVP: Your Faction and Allies come together to take down your enemies!
– Obsidian Destroyer: Explosions now destroy obsidian for better raiding!
– SilkSpawners: Mine monster spawners with the silk touch enchantment!
– NoCheatPlus: Stop the hackers cheaters from having an unfair advantage so everyone is on a level playing field!
– We use 1.8 Spigot