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Cortana is Back!
We are finally back after a long break of 6 years. For those who may not know us, below is a short introduction of what we are.
Cortana is a semi-vanilla raid/grief, PvP server focused on the true experience of Minecraft. Here is where you are allowed
to raid absolutely anything you can get your hands on. There is water protection land on this server outside of spawn and our
difficulty is set to hard. Raid with withers and tnt cannons and griefing your enemies. We have a balanced /sell shop interface,
as well as many other GUI. You can purchase ingame ranks and command. We also have a list of donator ranks and reward key for
players who may like to support the server. You can help to donate at our /buy store.
Cortana’s goal is to gather a player base to give feedback so we can improve everyone’s experience in minecraft. The server
is fresh and is still under construction, but nevertheless it’s fully functional and playable to the maximum potential!
There are many custom plugins and features and is looking to expand the community to bigger and greater things! There will be
random events during weekends, example Raiding and PvP events. Players can join individually or cooperate with others to win
rewards in the events. DropParties voting by staffs and players. Key rewards for player who votes to help support the server.
In Cortana, we aim to provide our players a friendly environment to play. We will appreciate the chat to be kept healthy and free
of racism and unhealthy swearing. Thus, to be fair to all players, we look forward to a HACK FREE environment for players to play.
Cortana would like to grow with You! Come and join us now for an amazing minecraft experience.