Survie Survival Vanilla

Andarium Server Survival 1.18.2

Hello to you young adventurer, if you read this message it means that you have discovered our survival server “Andarium”

The server is in 1.18.2, and the map too. You can have fun exploring the Nether and the End which are regen from time to time. But we have a Netherbuild for those who want to express their creativity in this hellish world.

Andarium also has a nice PvP arena to let off steam a bit.

As soon as you arrive, you can choose a profession (hunter, farmer, fisherman, miner, lumberjack and if you have the VIP rank, the alchemist profession will be accessible to you). Thanks to these trades you will earn dollars that you can spend by buying items from other players or through shops.

You will also have a command to protect your buildings so you don’t get looted!
(a tutorial is available on the discord)

On our online store there is a large choice of items for sale (grades, keys, eggs, etc.), these purchases fund the server!

You will also be able to vote for our server, and earn voting keys in return. These keys will allow you to obtain items in the voting box which changes every month at spawn.

Do not hesitate to go to the Discord if you have any questions, we are here to guide you in your adventure. We wish you good luck, and welcome to Andarium!

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