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Vanilla Server WITHOUT PRIVACY! Minecraft server

The classic server always on the latest version will appeal to both beginners and experienced players, as we have created an atmosphere of an interesting and long-lasting game.

Equality of players:
All players start the game under equal conditions, except for wooden instruments, we do not have any starting sets.

Lack of private:
There is no private server, which means that players from the very beginning of the game must completely protect not only from monsters, but also from other players. You can start development and build an initial home, but for good security, it’s worth going even further from spawn.

Standard Framework:
The server aims to maximize vanilla survival, without weddings, drugs, shops, work, and anything else created for degradation.

In addition to the lack of private, the maximum complexity is set on the server.

Spawn Mining:
An integral part of the server is the extraction of spawners. Many players will not want to survive near the spawn and eventually want to move on for greater security. The main thing to remember is that you can get a spawn with a silk touch pickaxe with a probability of 35%

The server has an old achievement system, which is cut out on 92% of the servers. Can you pass it completely faced with insurmountable obstacles in your way?

Helper team:
Helpers closely monitor compliance with the rules, they can answer your questions. You can see their presence in the list of players, as well as send a personal message on your question.

Still have questions? You can go to the server and ask. We welcome every guest!