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MineRaver is a newly released Survival Minecraft Server with a Skyblock gamemode coming soon.

Some of the features of this server are:

» Economy – AuctionHouse plugin as well as ChestShops and EssentialsX. Duping is not allowed and there is a GUI Shop for items you might not be able to get.

» Ranks – You can buy 6 Paid Ranks as well as other items to give you a more exciting experience

» GriefPrevention – GriefPrevention plugin allows you to claim your builds and prevent griefers. Active staff will actively stop any grief attempts additionally.

» Crates – This server features a crates feature, where you can vote for vote keys and obtain other keys for different crates, each with rewards like money, claimblocks, ores and customized tools.

» Community – We make sure that our community isn’t toxic and are happy to help you in any way.

» Staff – We have a staff team dedicated to make sure everyone follows the rules and bans rule-breakers.

Interested in joining? Come over at

Crates Economy Faction Pvp Factions Pvp Raiding

⭐ ⚔️ Farming/Economy! ⚔️ Crates/Custom Enchants! ⚔️ Join Now! [1.15.2]

Are you looking for a Factions server with tons and tons of things to do? We have it! At SolsticeFactions we have a great community with lots to do join us create your base and conquer the world! Join now!➥ Factions
➥ Raiding
➥ In-Game Ranks
➥ Crates
➥ VoteParties
➥ Custom Plugins
➥ Farming Economy

Aussie Australia Australian Mmo Pvp Survival

Zero Gravity Gaming [1.15.2] – Multi-World Difficulty Progression – Custom Craftable Items, Harder Mobs

Zero Gravity Gaming’s Minecraft Server is a world that’s designed to have a vanilla feel with a few added extras

This is a multi-world environment, where once you’ve built and mined to your hearts content you can enter a new landscape. A completely different world where it’s always night and there are much harder mobs.

Zombies that make other zombies, the evil versions of Silverfish and Endermites, Wither Skeletons that are always too close for comfort, a Queen Bee that sends reinforcements if attacked and a truly UnBearable kind of mob that sends you flying as well as so much more.

Venture out to the far reaches of this world to meet the bosses, powerful mobs that will truly be a challenge unless you are well prepared and equipped with very strong armour, potions and weapons.

These are tough challenges but the rewards are well worth it, with drops such as Baby Zombie Shoes, custom craftable armour and gemstones that power up your items to make them stronger as well as exclusive armour and weapons from each boss with it’s own abilities to become even stronger.

All of this plus the following

– Start with free bread and torches to get you on your way

– PVP arena for more organised fights

– Lockable chests

– Custom Traders

– Multiple Homes

– Player Heads

– Mine spawners with just a diamond pickaxe

– Completely Non-P2W

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Vanilla Europa SMP | Survival | Friendly | Semi-Vanilla | 1.15.2


Server IP:

The Best European Survival Minecraft Server.

Vanilla Europa’s main objective with Semi-Vanilla is to provide Minecraft players with a multiplayer experience as close to Vanilla Minecraft as possible, while carrying out anti grief measures, not allowing griefers and looters to wreak havoc on friendly users.

The Vanilla Europa Community has been growing since November 2018, when the server first launched. Since then, the server has enjoyed many new events and player groups and public creations.

The plugins in this semi vanilla server are designed to not intrude upon the Survival/Vanilla aspect of Minecraft while also providing a griefer-free and streamlined friendly community experience. We utilize GriefPrevention in order to stop grief. Chest Shop and Mob Head plugins are to add more fun and convenience for the survival experience on the server.
The main plugins are…
– Essentials
– GriefPrevention
– MobHeads
– ChestShop

Anarchy Vanilla Vanillaish


No resets;
No borders;
Griefing allowed.

No interference from staff. Basically anarchy, but you can’t cheat.

Needstaffnewserver Network Ogprison Prison

MineFreak (OGPRISON) out for BETA

MineFreak Network

Currently working on OGPrison!

Hey guys, we are currently looking for staff and beta testers for our new Prison Server, OGPrison! We are about 90% done with the server right now but we are in need of staff members and beta testers to prepare for launch. This server has the feel of an original prison server from years past with no inflated economy, ridiculous enchantments, or other crazy things. However, there are some plugins and map details that will make your experience here great! If you would like to help out, join our discord at

Autorank Mcmmo Survival Towny

Towny Origins

Towny Origins is a Minecraft towny server which aims to bring the traditional aspects of towny servers back to the game. The server is kept on the latest version of Minecraft and runs many plugins for players to utilise and explore. Staff are friendly and experienced! Visit our website at

We utlilise our very own dedicated server which provides optimum gameplay.



Welcome to CatCraft!
Minecraft Version 1.15.2
Connect Using:

CatCraft runs a fun survival experience with new features being added frequently.

Why We’re One of the Best
CatCraft is a great place to come and meet new people. This server has a very casual nature, which means we try to keep the environment clean and friendly for all. If you happen to lose something or have trouble due to a server bug, staff and the other members are almost always there to help you out.
Not Just Another Server
CatCraft has a great and friendly community that has a tendency of drawing in new people. We’re active over Discord as well, giving players another place to socialize, even when they’re not on the server. With chat rooms set up so you can talk to players on the server, you can be a part of the community anytime you want. Don’t just settle for any server. Stay a while and have some fun!

Fantasy Kingdom Medieval Races Roleplay Wars

Thronecraft – Fantasy Roleplay Server

Thronecraft is a Minecraft Fantasy Roleplay Server

Boasting over 12,000 registered members, Thronecraft is a 7 year old roleplay community and one of the foremost popular minecraft servers. Each day, hundreds of unique players log on to enjoy the rich, vibrant roleplay-based community that TC has developed. And each week, more and more players join the ranks of our tight-knit group, bringing their own unique personality to a flourishing server. Roleplayers of all levels of experience are welcome on the server, and can find neverending opportunities to grow and explore a world more exciting than our own, filled to the brim with new friends and fellow roleplayers.

Join thousands of other players as you all explore Thronecraft’s latest installment: Valoria. This expansive world, with a tailored, intricate, history, gives players the choice between four unique, wonderous cities— each possessing their own specific spirit and characteristics. The population of palyers on Thronecraft are dispersed across the cities and, thanks to the variety of timezones players come from, the server never sleeps. Register on the server forums to read the lore for each of the cities and figure out which one calls to you the most.

Join the proud First Men in Fjoldr, a familial settlement of proud warriors and free spirits, and a part of the glorious Golden Empire, nestled in the icy northern shores. Stand in amazement at the imposing castle of Fjoldr, built on rocks jutting outward into the ocean: a true testament to the resilience of the Northerns. Though, perhaps you are most suited to the order and structure of civilization than the chaotic ways of clans of barbarians. Join the eastern city of Volgrad, the shining gem at the heart of the Golden Empire, to experience truly majestic high-society, and possibly even try your hand at its shadowy political game. Or, if you’d rather live your life the way you wish, free from oppressive Imperial rules and bylaws, join one of the two Protectorate cities: Glyndale or Khaz’mir. Glyndale has always been the crossroads for history: once the center of an ancient high elven dominion, the city has been raised from its ashes as a haven of virtuosity and valor. Join her legions of chivalrous Cyrillian Knights, and spread the honorable, enlightening ways of the Disciples of the White Tree while crushing out ne’er-do-wells and wrong-doers wherever they may hide. But if it is true luxury and clandestine beauty you seek, venture far south to Khaz’mir. A desert oasis of tan skin and silk robes; Khaz’mir offers players the chance to live in the most sought-after place in all of Valoria, and relish the comforts of wealth. And humans aren’t the only people to inhabit Valoria. Players are welcome to apply to play as a dwarf, a snow elf, wood elf, or high elf: relics of an ancient time. Though be careful, not every race is treated equally in Valoria.

Once you’ve chosen your city you can make your character, and the choices are endless: you could be a simple farmer, bound to the sprawling amber fields of wheat in Volgrad, or perhaps the personal guard to the Grand Magistrate in Glyndale. If you choose to play a character that may, one day, see combat, our handmade, adaptable rolling mechanics systems allows every players a fair chance at glory.

Thronecraft just recently underwent a massive revamp, introducing scores of new, custom-made, plugins to enhance every player’s experience of the server. All of these were added to a hand-craft, personally-designed, world for players to explore and enjoy, and supported by our top-tier, competitive, server hosting technology. The server is managed by a diligent, professional, staff team that makes sure to keep RP new and exciting for all players. They are always available and are more than willing to help out anyone, new or old, with any problems that may arise.

So what’s stopping you? Head over to the Throncraft forums to begin filling out your very own whitelist application. After that gets accepted, you’re can begin your own RP adventure. See you soon!

Join today by clicking the link below and clicking on JOIN NOW to apply for the whitelist!

Custommodpack Mature Modded Modpack Pve Survival

Komi’s MC | No Grief | Custom Modpack | Twilight Forest, Tropicraft, and more!

We have land claims, a no griefing rule, automatic backups, /back for all players, and many mods to enjoy.

Requirements: At least 12 GB of Total RAM, 2.8 GHz quad core CPU, Nvidia 600 series GPU or better

Some of the many, many mods: /dank/null, Twilight Forest, Tropicraft, Pam’s Harvestcraft, FutureMC, Tinker’s Construct, Ender IO, Thermal & Extensions for Thermal, Industrial Foregoing, Immersive Engineering, Forgiving Void, OTG (Open Terrain Generator), Refined Storage, Simple Harvest, Chance cubes, Chisel, & more!

Modpack Link:

Please come and play with us! Currently we have no donator ranks. 🙂