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HesterCraft Minecraft Server

Server description The HesterCraft server is a vanilla server completely filled with role-playing game, here you can become whoever you want, go to court, or go build your own village and fill it with different residents while developing with your friends) Go to the donate site – https: // see / purchase cases.) Also on the server there are daily events with distribution of cases. So come to us, our warm discord is waiting for you! –

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Lux In Spelunca

Hey there!

Are you looking for a safe, mature, fun and friendly environment to play minecraft? Look no further you’ve found it here. !! We are a 13+ server !!

We are a NO-RAID NO-PVP server. We strive to create a community based on respect and maturity.
-Shop plugins, horse-keep, LWC protection among many other neat features.
-Survival world and a PVP arena
-Creative world for members-only to enjoy.
-Admins all have a great sense of humor ;D
You will start out as a ‘noob’ and once you’ve proven yourself a worthy player you will be promoted to member and become part of our community.
Please do not ask for admin/op, you will be kicked, and if you persist you will be banned. We don’t tolerate spammers or whiners here, we especially don’t tolerate griefers.
We’re here to play minecraft, have fun and make friends! Feel free to stop by!

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Welcome to StormcraftPVP, a new experience in Factions. Dissatisfied as we were with the environment provided by similar servers – a long list of complicated plugins, an abundance of parallel-run worlds with other gamemodes or just a highly incapable staff team – we decided to launch this server, to show people that Factions on its own is enough to provide a versatile competitive multiplayer environment.
[Factions – PVP – mcMMO – 24/7 – Economy]

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Enterprise Factions

IP –

Enterprise Factions PvP is one of the newer servers to support factions pvp, we started the server 6/24/2014

Our server has been optimized to work especially well for Hardcore pvp players, by maintaining a more vanilla aspect. there is absolutely no lag on this server even if you are connecting 7,000 miles away from it.

Factions wouldn’t be Factions without the epic bases and raiding though, so this is why Enterprise comes standard equipped with these awesome features:

– 100% Glitch proof, Why even create a base if it can be glitched right? we think so also.
– Obsidian destroyer no base is safe with this bad boy around.

Our current server specs:
CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K
RAM: 128GB

2b2t Adventures Apocalypse Classic Complex Construction Free To Play Minecraft Maybe Minecraft Anarchy Minecraft Grief Minecraft Survival No Dupes No Protection No Resets Vanilla Like | Card from 2b2t without donation! Minecraft server

Description of the server Tuturuuu! 2tooru is a Minecraft server inspired by the popular western 2b2t server, but available to all players without a license! There will never be a donation on the server, which gives an advantage over other players. An original 2b2t map is installed on the server, so you can meet on your way the construction of players who appeared a year, or even 5 years ago! The server runs TNT, there are no privates, / tp and / spawn. This is the perfect server for those who are ready for explosive adventures! Call your friends, survive in this apocalypse together! Get the thrill of playing 2b2t! Good luck to get out of spawn ^ _ ^ The developers of our server are 2b2t players who know how to create real anarchy! Play without lags, because our server is located on a powerful hosting in Moscow. Events are held on the server, constant updates, anti-cheat is present. Be careful, there is high complexity on the server, pass spawn – already pass one of the most difficult tests. Have fun as you like – griffoning, PVP. Or maybe you are one of the players who are ready to help beginners and return the spawn to its original appearance? Most of our players are Minecraft veterans, which will be very difficult to cope with! Everything depends on you! Play on!

Our ip:

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Podzol Network

The Podzol Network is all about unique, entertaining gamemodes, such as Wizardry, where you will find yourself when you first join.

On Wizardry, you slay monsters, survive blood moons, fight bosses, level up spells, go on quests, summon minions, get achievements, find rare items, craft powerful spells, and explore dangerous, wealthy ruins. Wizardry is Survival, and there is PvP, you can protect your houses using a protection spell (which can be cast on sponges). But beware! If your protection is not leveld up, other players can take it over using a protection curse!

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Hello Everyone.

Welcome to Sporkcraft. A fun and creative server all about having a good time. We have many staff to ensure this experience.

We have many fun servers for you to go solo or to enjoy with your friends.

Our servers include…

… and many more to come.

We plan to add much more to the server, and improve it everyday. We are always welcome to new ideas and will try to please everyone. Why wait? JOIN SPORKCRAFT NOW.

Go to for more information.

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ANiHost Factions server

ANiHost’s new server!

We are brand new, but we are great! we have many amazing plugins, such as economy, worldedit, multiverse, Auto-Rankup(fun!)

we are ALWAYS recruiting, but DO NOT ask for staff, or items! 🙂 Hope to see you there!

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ThunderCraft PvP

Here at ThunderCraft PvP, we work hard to give you the ultimate pvp experience. We have custom enchants, cheap donation ranks, op kits, and more. Come play with us today and make sure to bring your buds.

Castle Contest Contests Free To Play Minecraft History Minecraft Events Minecraft Survival No Dupes No Launcher No Protection No Resets Races Stream Universal Whitelist 1.15.2 Minecraft Server

JellyLand is a private tube server, the life of which is based on interaction with other players.

– White list, strict selection, adequate and friendly community. Lack of private – players create their own world, including spawn

– A wide selection of classes for every taste – become a builder, trader, traveler, create your own city or join one of the existing ones, conquer Baltop and earn universal respect

– Regular events from players and administration, fairs, contests, races and races, split and parkour – all that players can create in survival and that’s just enough for our imagination

– Bypass on the stream once every two weeks – show your buildings and projects live and watch the work of other players

– Bonus – own separate pvp server, skyblock server and castle battle event server

– Experienced administration, self-made plugins, expensive dedicated hosting – all in order to make your game comfortable and reliable!

What are you waiting for? Start playing on the server and enter its history!