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AzCraft 1.15.2 | Back to Nature Survival Addition | Visit Crete (Vanilla) , Delphi (E-commerce, Farms) and Sparta (War/PvP) worlds | Family Friendly | Player Staff

*** NOTE ***

Our new BungeeCord network is: will be shut down but the server lives on as Delphi, along with our new worlds Crete and Sparta!

About us:

We are family friendly Survival server owned and moderated by a dad and fellow players. We are a young server and we welcome you to help build our world. Build up our town or build out in your own quiet space.

After being up to a year and a half, the player base voted to reset the map to new. Come be the first of a dozen to pick a plot and build our world.

Visit our new Player Community Portal at

c/ya online!


Crackshot Customitems Earth Factions Guns Jobs Landclaim Political Politics Qualityarmoury Quests Raiding Raids Slimefun Survival Towny Victoria Victorian War

VictoriaCraft – Towny War, Custom Items, Movecraft and MORE!

The world is your canvas! Create a town and nation, build up your empire, make allies and enemies and go to war! VictoriaCraft is based in the Victorian era, featuring a wide variety of custom items from the Industrial revolution. Craft covert weapons, strong and heavy armour, gliders, build battleships and cruisers, and much more!

Join today for an unforgettable experience!

Economy FTB Land Claim Mod: Spigot Pve Pvp Survival Tekkit


Server IP –

Website: | Forum:

Server address:

Server Info:
Grief Prevention land claim system.
Economy – Server Shops, Market and Auctions.
Maps on RAM drive for faster chunk load.
Daily Backups.
Random Spawn.
Daily and Vote Rewards.
Clans and PvP.
Server Live map. Link on the server
Few items banned. Link on the server
Hosted in Data Center in Germany border.
Dedicated Server Online 24/7.

Restricted items list:

We run multiple servers, for details visit our website. All our servers are hosted on dedicated servers in data centers and they are online 24/7.

Builder Building Creation Creative Creativeserver Creativity Discord Freebuild Worldedit

Yakutiacraft [Creative] [Whitelist]

Welcome to Yakutiacraft, a creative Minecraft server where your only limit is your imagination.
At Yakutiacraft, there are no plots, no microtransactions and no buyable ranks. We rely solely on player donations for funding. The only limit to how much you can build is your own ability.

We have a wide variety of plugins to aid in the creative process. Worldedit is available for everyone to use. HeadsLibrary and ArmorStandEditor allow you to spice up your worlds. Coreprotect protects your builds from greifers, and much, much more.

Our community is based around our discord, where we share screenshots and hang out. Our community is well established, but always open to new members. The mods are receptive to suggestions and vote on the ones which will improve the server. Joining the discord is a requirement for joining, as it helps us keep track of our players. You can join here:

Yakutiacraft is dedicated to builders who want the greatest creative experience a server can offer. We hope to see you there.

Chaotic Faction Pvp Factions Lawless Norules Pvp Raiding Survival

Dog Eat Dog Minecraft

Welcome to Dog Eat Dog

This is a chaotic and lawless server where you can raid, pillage, destroy, and beat the absolute crap out of each other.

Start with a stack of TNT, flint and steel, and some basic provisions.

Do what you will from there.

Only safe place in the entire server is the spawn which is a floating sphere just big enough for a spawnplace, some info, and a basic shop.

There are no mods, there are no admins, the only staff that exist are there to maintain the server and fix technical problems if we ever have them.

No one is exempt, no one is protected, no one is safe.

Do you have what it takes to survive and thrive here?

Come find out.

Connect with


Spartan Kit PvP

Hello its Purple from Spartan Kit PvP we are a brand new server on 1.15.2 and we would love to have you.

Farming Generator Island Other


ReturnerMC is a generator based server. It is a combination of farming, island, generator and prison. Join now to explore the server! Friendly staff member available and acceptable rules are available.

Java Other Skyblock


The official server for Skyblock!
Survival at its best! Create your own Skyblock and play with others!
Great staff and community! More features than any other SB server!

Skyblock IP:

Playable on 1.12.2 – 1.15.2!
Custom and unique Skyblock plugin that does not exist elsewhere!
Create your very own island and invite friends! w/ Friends Menu!
24/7 with daily offsite backups. 99.9 uptime.
Custom plugins, Hosted on one of the fastest dedicated servers available.
More features than any other Skyblock server.
Variant Island Types, Large Island Spaces, Complete Challenges
Levels, Mob Arena, Crates, Create Shops, Custom Island settings, minion, pet, custom ore, mine, dungeon, duels, custom shop, auctions, banker and MORE!!!!

Bedwars Minigames Network Other Survival


a network with 2 servers 1.Survival and 2.Minigames. Minigames has many things to play such as: Bedwars,tntrun,skywars,murdermystery and build battle! we have very kind staff that can help you with anything you need


Staff applications are closed!

Beta Fun Minigames Survival


This is the beta for a server I’m working on, feel free to play and don’t worry about your progress, even when finalized it will be saved.

Quirky Craft is a unique survival server that is both challenging and fun to play in, it features custom generation, scary cave monsters, slime fun, and much more!