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The Big Sister Server

Welcome to the Big Sister Community! A community consisting of two whitelisted servers!

You can join us at:

o The stable, builder/survival-centric Big Sister server, which permanently runs the latest stable Spigot version, has a Dynmap at, a special plugin that shares the server chat with our Discord server, and can be accessed with the IP:

o The experimental Little Brother server, which changes mod flavors every month or two, it can be accessed at:

Being whitelisted for one server automatically allows you to be whitelisted for the other server! If you wish to join us, please head down to the “How to join” section.

Do you just want to take a peek at our Discord group? You can join us at:

Want more info? Click here:

About the Server:

The Big Sister Server’s main world has been built up by countless players throughout its years in operation. From the biggest of mansions to the smallest of homes, you can find it all by exploring our vast world. We also have several minigames that players have built up for people to enjoy such as Spleef, Boat Racing, Jousting, and many more.
We also have somewhat of an economy on our server with Cheese. Cheese currency comes in three denominations: green cheese (emeralds), cheese (sponge), and blue cheese (lapis blocks). Cheese can be traded to villagers in the spawn mall to buy blocks for building.
We host many events throughout the year on both servers. Many of these celebrate holidays, both from real life and ones that were created on the server. we also host UHC (Ultra HardCore) events occasionally in which players have a chance to fight for prizes.

Acidisland Alaska Bentobox Bungee Medieval Minecraft Pve Server Skyblock Survival

Alaska Minecraft Server

Alaska Minecraft –

Info pages:

Radio Station:


Great server for beginners and advanced players. A lot of our players are adults but any age is welcome. Join us. This server is PG-rated and we want you to have fun… Server is owned by adult players so it is updated and maintained daily. We are located in Wasilla, Alaska, USA.

We are small friendly community.There is something for everyone in multiple servers.

Hub World – Main lobby
Survival – Survival PVE – building world
SkyBlock – BentoBox – play SkyBlock
AcidIsland – BentoBox – play AcidIsland
907Classic – Original Server with PVE and PVP – est.2011
907MC – Started 2013 – PVE world, Eldaria, Tamos worlds.
Creative Plots – Automated plot system. Build Creative mode
Vanilla – No player aiding plugins

Autorankin in Survival, Bentobox, 907MC and 907Classic. Play 2 hours in any of these servers and become Trusted with /god mode. Play 12 hours and become Sourdough with /fly mode and much much more.

No Flying Phantom Mobs in any Server.

You will love our easy PVE worlds and Island Worlds. We have Chest Protection, Essentials, /sethome, /home /spawn commands and you can teleport to your friend and chat across the worlds and servers..

We don’t have stupid rules so if you play fair and respect others you are OK. No harassment, offensive language, player Mods (x-ray, fly mods, etc) allowed anywhere in this server. Visit our website or Facebook @Project907com for more details

Roads lead you to the wilderness where you can build your dream house. Admins can protect your house if building is above the ground. Click ‘Vote” on the top of this page while you are logged in the game and get rewarded. More details in our website..

The original server was started 2011 and many new maps have been added since. Welcome and have fun!

Additional Notes

We are small Minecraft server located in Wasilla, Alaska. To join our server enter in the game address field.

Casual Economy Events Pve Pvp Survival Tekkit Whitelist


Hey everyone, first of all i wanna say thank you for having a look at our post and we hope to see ya on the server enjoy playing minecraft with us too :D!

What is Fantasia?
– Fantasia is a whitelist Survival server. We aim to provide a friendly community minecraft server, a place where everyone can enjoy playing together, chatting together and laugh together. To us the community mean everything.

What do Fantasia have?
– On Fantasia we have some plugin to enhance the gameplay, keep it more fun for everyone such as, MobHead, economy, Mcmmo… feature that allow us to have fun while not shifting too far away from vanilla itself.

What are the server rulse?

– There are some rules you have to follow when you want to play on Fantasia, these rules are here to provide us a fun and fair gameplay within the community. It is important to have fun together.

1. Be cool, kind, and civil. Treat all members with respect and express your thoughts in a constructive manner.

2. Use English only. Communicate in English, but be considerate of all languages(it okie to PM in different language)

3. Use an appropriate name. Avoid using name which create discomfort feeling for other players

4. Do not spam. Avoid excessive messages, formatting and emoji
5. No self-promotion or advertisements. This includes unsolicited references and links to other social media, servers, communities, and services in chat or direct messages.

6. No harassment, abuse, or bullying. We have zero-tolerance for harming others.

7. No racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, or otherwise offensive content. We have zero-tolerance for hate speech.

8. No political or religious topics. These complex subjects result in controversial and offensive posts.

9. No piracy, sexual, NSFW, or otherwise suspicious content. We do not condone illegal or suspicious discussions and activity.

10. Rules are subject to common sense. These rules are not comprehensive and use of loopholes to violate the spirit of these rules is subject to enforcement.

11. No Afk Avoidance Do not afk near giant farm or redstone contraption and don’t make anti afk pool/machine. We wanna play together, not afk together

12. No hacked client or any client that create unfair gameplay Hacked client is not permitted, it create unfair gameplay advantage. Althought client that improve performance such as Optifine is allow. It important to keep the gameplay Fair and Square.

13. No Bug Exploite Do not abuse thing that not work the way it suppose to be, such as TNT duplication or rail dup. Collect everything correctly make the game fun for us all.

14. No griefing Do not destroy other player’s build, do not take what is not your. We do not want other player stuff get destroy or stolen.

15. No Alternative account One account per person, it is your responsibility to take care of your account. Do not use many account just to boost your gameplay, it unfair for other player.

That all for the rules, these rules are mainly aim to provide us a safe enviroment while having fun together

You can put a whitelist application here:
or here

Economy Freeranks Friendly Semivanilla Survival Vanilla


pozývam ťa na novootvorené survival server pre 1.14.4!

Server je zamerany prevažne na survival.
Máme tu kity, odmeny, atd..

Pre prvých hráčov mame vip zadarmo!

115server 115survival Chestprotection Claim Claimblocks Claiming Claimland Claims Claimshovel Claimsurvival Corona Coronavirus Crates Customenchantments Customenchants Economy Elitemobs Fun Goldenshovel Griefprevention Keepinventory Keepitemsondeath Kits Landclaim Landclaiming Landclaims Mcmmo Minigames Money Playervaults Pvp Pvping Roleplay Shop Smp Survival Survivalpvp Survivalserver Whitelist Whitelisted

Green Gem [Survival][Land Claim][McMMO][Custom Enchantments][Quests][NEW STUFF]


Over 300 New Enchantments!

Are you stuck inside during the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic?

Are you afraid you might run out of toilet paper? Well, we have TONS! (And it’s edible)

Do you want a fun Minecraft server to play on with your friends during this stressful time?

Are you and your friends looking for a survival server where you can hang out and build in peace?

Search no more! We are the server for you!

We offer Land Claim, Keep Inventory, Teleport Commands, Safe Storage, Locked Chests, McMMO with RPG Skills and Stat Level Leaderboards, Economy with Shops, OVER 200 CUSTOM ENCHANTMENTS!!!, Quests, Crates and Keys, New Foods with Special Effects and Custom Items with Attribute Modifications, New Fishing and Mining Experiences with New Fish and New Gems and Ores, and an Expanding Universe Created Straight From The Brain of the Server’s Owner.

So what are you waiting for?
We’ll be waiting ;D

ip = GreenGem.MC.GG

Based Bukkit Bungeecord Communities Craft Difficulty Fetalfeast Hard Pvp Semi Spigot Survival Sweden Swedish Tokens Vanilla

Steinercraft – Vanilla Survival | 1.15.2

Welcome to Steinercraft’s server page!We are running a survival Minecraft server. Our aim is to preserve vanilla gameplay mechanics as much as we see fit, with the exception of teleportation commands. There are no claims. Griefing, raiding and PvP are allowed. More information can be found by joining the server.

Discord server:

Economy Plugin Pve Economy Server Shop Shops Smp Survival Survivalserver

A survival server with some plugins installed. In order to add suspense, I will not be letting people know what the exact commands are besides /discord. To figure it out, simply google the plugin after doing /help

Chestshop Citizens Clearlag Crazycrates Creative Customitems Elitemobs Ezprestige Griefprevention Jobsreborn Marriagemaster Mcmmo Pvptoggle Ranks Ranksystem Survival

BaneCraft [Survival]-[Factions]-[Skyblock]-[1.8 – 1.15.2]


BaneCraft is a mixed server with optional Skyblock and Creative worlds. Players can play survival against custom monsters, a mob arena, and several minigames. Players can kill custom monsters for custom loot and sell that loot in a shop. This will give the players advanced permissions that allow them to get even better loot from those custom monsters. We have many plugins that will all work to make your experience much better.

BaneCraft has a custom GUIShop that players can buy, and sell items to the server. Players can also create ChestShops and set a warp to their shop for players to buy items that aren’t in the server shop. We have custom mechanics, such as lifts, and gates, lightswitches and more. We have all kinds of information posted in game, and on the server website to help guide a player through their BaneCraft experience.

We have over 60 plugins full of features such as trails, mobstacking, spawner stacking, and even a live map of the server. Look below at all of our server plugins to get an idea of how feature-packed BaneCraft really is:

Plugins: Blockshub, ChestShop, Citizens, ClearLag, CommandSigns, ConsoleSpamFix, CoreProtect, CraftBook, CrazyCrates, CrazyEnchantments, CS-CoreLib, CustomItems, DiscordSRV, DisplayItem, dynmap, EliteMobs, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, EZPrestige, FabledSkyBlock, GriefPrevention, GroupManager, Guilds, HolographicDisplays, ItemEditor, Jobs, KnokkoCore, LightAPI, LightSource, MarriageMaster, mcMMO, MessageAnnouncer, MobArena, Multiverse-Core, Multiverse-Inventories, PerWorldPlugins, PlaceholderAPI, PlotSquared, PlotSquaredSG, PlugMan, ProtocolLib, PvPToggle, RandomTeleport, Rankup, RedstoneClockPreventer2, ServerListPlus, ShopGUIPlus, Slimefun, SuperTrailsPro, TAB, TimeIsMoney, TimeVote, UltimateKits, UltimateModeration, UltimateStacker, Vault, Votifier, WorldBorder, Worldedit, Worldguard, Zenchantments

Chill Create Creative Creativeplots Creativeserver Creativeworld Faction Pvp Factions Factionspvp Other Skyblock Skyblockserver Skyblocksurvival Survival Survivalserver Survivalworld Towny Townyeconomy Townypvp Townysurvival Wizcraft


We have a uniques skyblock that is still in beta so bear with us with custom made spawns and some of them are a W.I.P., but we would still like to see you on and have fun with us!

Challenge Events Minigames Paypalrewards

UnexpectedMiner Events $50 PAYPAL PAYOUTS

Looking to win IRL money? You’ve come to the right place!

About the server: Events are gonna be hosted daily on the
server with a prize of $50 Paypal. You can participate in as many events
as you want even if you have won before. Each events value $50 IRL
money so be sure not to miss any of them! Only the winner receives the
prize. How to participate in an event? There is two
different ways to participate in an event. The first option is from
buying an EventPass or a HeroicPass. These Passes gives you special
perks and an instant /tp to our events! EventPass Perks: Instant TP to events. Ability to revive anyone. Special coloured chat (/cc). HeroicPass Perks: All perks from EventPass Ability to skip 2 rounds in the event. Win prize $60 instead of $50.
You can purchase a pass in our server store. The second option is for
people who don’t have a pass. Players with no pass will be teleported in
a minigame area where they will have to complete a short parkour and a
short maze under a time limit. Players who successfully complete the
minigame under the time limit will be auto tped to the event hall. If
you don’t complete the minigame then you won’t get entered in the event
but like I said we do events daily so you can always come back for
another event.