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Enter a whole new world of possibilities. In fact, enter several.
A very customized, new minecraft gaming experience! Bungee network!
Global chat! Friendly community!
“Honeytree” 1.15.2 no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
“Bamboo” 1.14.4 no-grief/non-pvp 30+ plugin survival
“Liberty” 1.14.4 grief/raid/pvp HARD survival
1.12.2 Minigames server, and more coming soon!
At a glance: Ranks, events, crates, op gear and kits, economy, friendly, fun staff, flight, shops, Grief Prevention, Mcmmo, Jobs, auctions, random teleport, towns, much more!
Visit us at!

Anti Community Dawn Economy Friendly Fun Grief Haven Helpful Mcmmo Nogrief Pve Safe Slimefun Survival

[1.14.4] DawnHaven! ~ Inclusive & Friendly! | Brand New world! | Anti-Grief | McMMO | RP | Economy | Jobs | Land Claiming | Keep Inventory on Death! | 24/7

Join us, at:

Bungee Network We currently have our main popular survival server running as strong as ever, but we now also have a challenging hardcore SkyBlock server for people looking for a change, or a different flavor of minecraft!

For those of you who are interested in the commands our players have access to, the minigames available for you to play and the plugins you have access to, simply continue reading!

Our Default rank has access to tons of other permissions and commands, to make your experience here fantastic!
It’s got /tpa, /warp, /home + /sethome, /recipe, /gc, keepInventory, and tons more!

Our other ranks even allow flying, god mode, /jump, /craft, /heal, /feed, /enchant, and just about every other awesome command you can think of!


Our server has a ton of fantastic plugins for you all to enjoy as well! These include…

  • SlimeFun
  • McMMO
  • Jobs-Reborn
  • ChestShop
  • Essentials
  • WorldGuard
  • GriefPrevention
  • CoreProtect
  • NoCheatPlus
  • Marriage
  • HeadDrops
  • And Many more!

    If you have any other questions, just give us a visit! Our staff and players are more than happy to answer any questions, and help with anything you might need!

    So why wait?
    Come join us today!


    See you there!

    Dungeon Economy Faction Faction Pvp Pvp

    HoboNation Faction Dungeon Server

    HoboNation is a Minecraft server that has been up since 2011 and still strong!

    We have dungeons, pvp arenas, factions, economy based trading, player auctions, events, and more!
    We are dedicated to bringing you the best experience in minecraft we possibly can.

    18plus 18x Adult Ats Creative Drug Drugfaction Drugfactions Factions Game Games Hub Hungergames Inecraft Lincoln Multiplayer Other Pets Pixelmon Play Pve Pvp Sacramento Skyblock Skywars Squad Survival Survivalgames

    Squad Hub – skywars – drug factions – skyblock – survival games – vanilla – pixelmon – creative – parkour – pets – hats



    Join us on this BRAND NEW SERVER!! In creation for the past few months working hard every day 12+ hour days to make this server the best it could be with only one guy, me, designing, configuring, and linking for my first time ever a whole bungee network of entertaining servers to spend your new Stay-at-home order playing on. : Enjoy! there are still bugs and it is still a work in progress. if you dont like it give it a second chance or better yet, i may need help with the server because i do work a 9-5 job during the weekdays meaning i will not be on often.

    Creative Economy Faction Factions Hub Kitpvp Minecraftserver Minecraftserver115 Server Skyblock Survival Faction, Skyblock, Survival, Creative KITPvP Raiding {1.15.2}

    Chizcraft Factions is looking for new players to come join on the quest on building a super fun and friendly server. We offer plenty of game modes, staff and are constantly working on the server to improve it in any way possible. This server is still in the early stages so we are still looking for a core base of players. We have a discord that is very active. You can join here Hope to see some new players trying out all the new game modes!

    Factions, Compete against rival factions in the conquest to become the most powerful team in all the lands.

    Skyblock, start off with a few supplies and a tiny island in the sky. Grind your way to the top using
    cobblestone/resource generators. Build your island to the highest worth to flex on your opponents.

    Survival, Just plain old multiplayer minecraft no PvP, /Claim your builds and bases. Updated to Minecraft’s most recent full update.

    Creative, Start a plot and create whatever your heart desires. Nothing racist or disrespectful. Please keep it classy/fancy I wanna see some cool builds!

    KitPvP, Join in and grab one of five free kits which have special abilities.Compete against your friend in a fun PvP environment.

    Economy Faction Factions Ranks Shop Survival

    Modern Factions

    Modern FactionsModern Factions is a fresh, new factions server built on vanilla survival with an economy, ranks and much more!

    DiscordJoin our discord server at

    Survival Towny

    A Hero’s Journey


    Still in quarantine?

    Bored af and want to socialize but not get hospitalized?
    Wanna get blown up by a creeper and hate your life?
    Want to find a ravine and suddenly increase your acrobatics skill in mcmmo?
    Come join my server and I’ll give you a llama (while supplies last).

    A Hero’s Journey is a [​1.15.2] towny based survival server. There’s plenty of places to explore and lore to discover, so what are you waiting for? Your adventure awaits!

    Some of our most notable features include:
    Voting and rewards

    Join now with the IP []

    114server Pvp Semianarchy Vanilla Vanillasurvival

    A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door [Vanilla] [SMP] {1.15.2} {Semi-anarchy} {No Cheating}


  • Hello gamers. Thank you for taking the time to consider A Zombie Pigman Broke My Door. I consider the server a lawless server because there is only 1 rule, No cheating. My goal as someone hosting a server is to create an environment where people can enjoy all the mechanics of vanilla minecraft, both pvp and pve.
  • What really makes minecraft shine is when people work together and it is all the more impressive when people decide to work together on a lawless server. While I encourage cooperation, I also enjoy some chaos and that is why there is only 1 rule.
  • Please note, there are minimal plugins on this server (to prevent lag during tps drops). And there is minimal intervention by admins. Everything built in the game is built in survival mode, creative mode is not permitted.
  • Most people login to server and immediately die, over and over, then they rage quit. Be warned the server is set to hard mode and because there is very little lag the monsters will make your life difficult. I have constructed several mini bases around the spawn area (spawn radius is set to 1000) to help new players, but because this is anarchy it is a constant battle to keep these bases stocked with supplies.
  • Some people asked me, why the server has the name it does. Well, when I first started the server, a zombie pigman broke my door.
  • Other things of note, the map will never be reset and the seed will never be given out.
  • Discord:

    Running: 1.15.2

    Location: Montreal, Canada

    Difficulty: Hard

    Clarification on no cheating. No cheating means using any client or code to give you an advantage or “hack” the game. Duping is a grey area because it’s using an ingame mechanic or exploit to give you a benefit in the game. Since duping is almost impossible to reliably police we will not be banning people for duping, but it is frowned upon by the community. What this means is most of our players look very negatively upon it and will be less likely to work with you if you are a known duper and may be more likely to target you for griefs or pvp.

    Clout Creative Dating Hype Marriage Pvp Roleplay School Supreme Vanilla Yeezy


    Welcome to CloutCraft!
    Server IP: CloutCraft.US

    Who are we?:
    We are an exclusive Minecraft RolePlay and Dating server bringing you the
    most exclusive Pixel Babes out there! We are just starting out and looking to build a community.

    We support versions 1.9-Current

    Kawaii HighSchool RolePlay /Server CloutCity
    121 Genders to Choose from!
    Classic Custom World Generated Survival
    Creative World
    RolePlay Warps
    Vehicles: Cars, Brooms, Tanks, Boats
    Smokers Lounge
    Strip Clubs
    Customized Chat Commands

    Looking to build a community!
    Check us out 🙂

    CloutCraft is an Un-Censored where you have the freedom to be you!

    Faction Pvp Friendlycommunity Greatstaff Griefing Mcmmofactions Raiding

    UltraCraft Factions!

    Welcome to UltraCraft! A server founded on the premise of bringing together a awesome community of friends, allies, and enemies. Our staff has been playing Factions since the early days of the game type and have always wanted to harness those moments in time. With this server, we’ve created just that. We hope you can create lasting friendship and memories like we have; on UltraCraft!