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Alluminus Community Survival

Alluminus Community Survival
Brought to you by Chr Corporation

Mission Statement:
We are a small server with a friendly long standing community. We have been open for more than 5 years and have no intention of going anywhere. Our vision it to create a unique server with just the right dosage of plugins. We strive to maintain a clean professional atmosphere while still keeping things lighthearted.

We know what we are doing. Our staff consists of multiple people who have been playing and managing Minecraft servers for years. This server is privately owned and we handle nearly every aspect from hosting to on-demand plugin development. We only work with the best people and always encourage the staff to give players as much freedom as possible so long as order can be maintained.

We have countless plugins installed, but here are some highlights:

This quick plugin whipped up by one of our developers not only kills phantoms but exterminates them. Permanently.

These are not only a great way to boost street-cred but also can earn you valuable in game currency that can be used to buy everything from ranks to rainbow leather armor.

Super abilities always come in handy from time to time, and the competition of trying to outdo others on their skill leveling comes with some good banter. This is truly a classic plugin and we couldn’t go on without it.

What better way to deal with an obnoxious neighbor than taking them out with a simulated Minecraft gun? This plugin has been used on a quite a few mini-games servers. Despite not being a mini-games server, the second we heard guns in Minecraft, we just had to have it.

LWC + CoreProtect + DeathChest:
While a good murder comes in handy every now and then, we don’t allow griefing or excessive killing. These plugins allow you to lock chests, save items when you die, and repair builds that get griefed by low-life hoodlums.

Chest Shop:
Player shops are always encouraged and there is a public shopping mall right at the center of spawn where you can buy shops for reasonable prices and sell items.

1. No griefing
2. No spamming
3. No advertising
4. No excessive killing of players
5. Swearing is permitted within reason

We are pretty laid back and use punishing players as a last resort.
In general, don’t be an idiot is a good rule of thumb.

Our Community:
One of the biggest things we pride ourselves in, is our growing close-knitted community of different and interesting people. Minecraft is far more fun with a social side! There is never a dull moment at Alluminus.

Join our community today!

Crates Epicenchants Npc Oregenerator Pvp Shop Skyblock Spigot Survival Vikings

Vikingly MC

We at Vikingly MC put our greatest effort to improve our server to give you what we hope to be the best minecraft server experience!
As we expand we listen to our community, We care for peoples ideas! So dont be afraid to spam the suggestion box on our discord!
All of our members are highly appriciated, and this server would cease to exist without our community!

– Skyblock :hammer_pick:
– Economy :moneybag:
– Auctions :dollar:
– Crates :toolbox:
– Ranks :dagger:
– PVP :crossed_swords:
– Epic Enchants :alembic:
– Custom Islands :hammer_pick:
– Arena :shield:
– Vote Rewards :white_check_mark:


ValaneMC Skyblock!


A new way to experience skyblock with breath-taking features,
beautiful buils, and custom plugins! We have 24/7
service to help our players needs! Join now if you
want to expand your skyblock experience to something much more!

🌎WHAT? Huge events and rewards every week!
🕒WHERE? IP: [1.8-1.15]

🎁Daily Key Alls, PVP Events, Giveaways And More!++
⚔️Custom Enchants, Sell Chests, Quests, And Coins!++


$20.00 USD PayPal Real Cash or $50.00 Buycraft!
$10.00 USD PayPal Real Cash or $25.00 Buycraft!
$5.00 USD PayPal Real Cash or $15.00 Buycraft!

Join Now For The Skyblock Experience YOU Have Been Looking

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Maple Moose

Welcome to Maple Moose.
We are a small new server based around an improved survival experience


116server Nether Nethersurvival Netherupdate Snapshotserver Survival

Nethermost Survival Server

This server is purely nether survival, no overworld to speak of

Bosses Build Building Builds Community Custom Dungeon Dungeons Dynmap Economy Events Fantasy Friendly Gods Guilds Houses Kingdom Kingdoms Magic Maria Mcmmo Medieval Mythicmobs Nations Npc Old Plugins Quest Questing Quests Races Region Regions Roleplay Rpg Towny Vampire Weapons Werewolf World

The World of Maria

The World of Maria is a medieval and fantasy server created on April 5th, 2012. Maria is a Medieval and Fantasy server that includes many plugins to help the experience as well as great builds! Our main RP additions include Magic, Kingdoms and titles, custom mounts, alcoholic beverages (and the ability to brew them) quests, npc’s, custom bosses and monsters, and more. Our website is where our forums, application areas, and PSA’s are! Feel free to join, adventure through our server dungeons, settle in with our towns, or fight using our custom weapons!

Builders Epicworldgenerator Shopkeepers Survival

ZephCraft – Family Friendly Minecraft Server

ZephCraft is a family friendly, builder friendly semi-vanilla server. We use epic terrain generation and love the survival aspect of the game. Come join our community today!

Here’s some other information you might want to know:Version: PaperSpigot 1.15.2 (ViaVersion backwards compatible. Join with your preferred game version)

Unique Server Features:
– Epic Terrain Generation. Great for builders.
– Graves spawn when you die holding your stuff
– WildTP to find a place to build quickly and easily
– Golden Shovel Land Claim System. Protect your stuff, earn more claim blocks the longer you play
– Spawn City actively being worked on that will provide key features like shops, blacksmiths, and enchanting areas.
– Live Map system to see where you are and view the world map.
– Play Time tracking with leaderboards
– Gain more features and upgraded rank just by being an active member of the community
– Community discord to stay connected and provide feedback
– Outposts/villages/warps will be added throughout the world over time in order to provide an ever-growing world and and provide a “story” – you can choose to build around this villages/posts or go do your own thing far away and never see anyone.
– More features will be added over time as suggestions come in and/or as we complete them. Our goal is to provide the best fun experience we can for vanilla players while removing some of the annoyances of pure vanilla. As such we have plans to eliminate some things like fall damage and creeper explosions. This will be updated as those decisions are made.

– No widespread terraforming without permission. AKA don’t go flattening 1000×1000 areas. If you need to terraform your area thats fine, just don’t ruin the landscape for others.
– Respect the space of other players
– If you are concerned about your stuff/builds, use Grief Prevention. But Griefing/Thiefing is still not allowed at all and will be met with a ban. This server is for building not a normal survival server
– Lag Machines are not allowed


If you want to see the Map, visit

Click here for the discord.

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MinedHype Hardcore Survival 1.15.2 – 48 Hour Death Ban

Connect IP:
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA Central
Server Info/Rules:

Hardcore Anarchy with DeathBan! You will be banned for 48 hours upon death!

Hardcore DeathBan Server Rules & Info: (

  • Hardcore Survival with DeathBan
  • You will be banned for 48 hours if you die!
  • No cheating/hacking/exploiting/xray/spam
  • Do not lag the server with large machines, farms, etc.
  • Chat is not moderated
  • Grief, Raiding, & PvP allowed
  • Spawn in a random radius of 2500 blocks
  • Difficulty set to hard with plugin to provide hardcore experience
  • Death count number will show next to your name when you push TAB
  • DiscordSRV live deaths/events/achievements/chat in #hardcore-server
  • Unlimited world size with no border
  • Categories
    Community Fun Minecraft Oxeye Server Smp Survival Whitelist

    Oxeye Survival (Whitelist)

    We are small white listed community server of chill players who are looking for others to become a part of our community! We have a dedicated staff team who are frequently active on the server, along with a small player base spanning all around the world 😊. If you are seeking a chill multiplayer survival experience and Oxeye seems like a community you would like to become a part of, then feel free to drop an application down below. We look forward to seeing you on the server!! 😄


  • CoordinatesHUD
  • CoreProtect
  • EssentialsX
  • PermissionsEx
  • TrophyHeads
  • BetterSleeping
  • Dynmap
  • LimitPillagers
  • PlayerParticles
  • Votifier
  • DiscordSRV
  • (Some more plugins may be added at a later date)

    Basic Rules:

    1: Don’t be an ass (Yes this includes chat spam and advertising)

    2: No Greifing or Stealing

    3: No Cheats, Hacks or Xray of any kind (Minimap and Optifine mods are allowed)

    4: No building in the spawn area without permission.

    5: No building right up on someone else unless both parties agree

    6: Have fun! (Hope to see you on the server 😊)


    To apply click the link below!

    (Once accepted, you will also be invited into the server discord)

    Parkour Skyblock Skygrid Survival [Parkour – Skygrid – Skyblock and Much More 1.14.4 – 1.15.2]

    Silk Spawners – Pick up and use spawners in your build to get mob drops and bump up your XP level

    Random Loot Chests – Spawn in the wild with their coordinates to make them easy to find. Lots of good stuff in the Loot Chests!

    Voting Rewards – Players help the server grow by voting and also receive rewards for each vote they cast.

    Wild TP – An easy command players can use to randomly teleport to locations within the world.

    Deco Heads – Over 800 Unique player heads and decorations players can use to dress up their builds and have fun with. Visit the Deco Head shop at spawn.

    Grief Prevention – With Grief prevention you can easily claim your builds to keep them safe from mob damage and griefing.

    Player Ranks – Work to rank up and get more and better permissions. No need to work, there is plenty ways to make money in game.

    Jobs Reborn – An awesome way to earn in game money while you play. If you’re good at mining pick a miners job and get paid for mining, the list go’s on and on

    Backpacks – You’ll need a place to store all your loot! We’ve got backpacks just for that. Be mobile and fully equipped.

    Quick Shops – Players can set up their own shops and sell items they mine and craft in game. Easy to do and a great way to make money.

    Connect to

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