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Dwarves Vs Zombies – DvZ Server – The LihP Network

DvZ Server – Dwarves vs Zombies – PvP mini game – Pubic Server

Play Minecraft as a monster! You will look like the monster and have it’s abilities.SummaryThe PvP game mode DvZ involves two teams, the dwarves and the zombies. The dwarves must defend their three shrines and prevent the zombies from conquering them, the game ends when the zombies conquer the final shrine or the last dwarf falls. The zombies are assisted by many monster classes each with unique abilities and disguises.

Recent changes
New dwarf classes, you can now be one of many dwarves including Blacksmith, Alchemist, Lumberjack and Tailor. Earn dwarven gems while playing and gain weapon upgrades from other classes.

New Mini-games MVM, MVD and a random Party server!

Summary: Action packed Team based PvP Game!

Dwarves vs Zombies itemsImage Spellbook, right click to cycle through available spells, left click to use a spell.
Image Teleport tool, when stood at a wall of dwarven stone simply right click.
Image Repair tool, just stand still and left click to repair all your items.

Dwarves vs Zombies Commands/Play – Explains how to use items.
/Info – Full Game information.
/Rules – Learn them to stay in the Game.
/Credits – See how the Community have helped.
/Donate – Learn how you can help the Community.Links
Support us and earn VIP access!

How to vote

2. Remember to enter you Minecraft username correctly.

3. Check your vote was successful, each websites will only let you vote once a day.

4. Type /reward in game.

You will need to join using Minecraft 1.8 to play PvP games like DvZ.

Roleplay Survival

RoleplayCraft – Roleplay and Survival Minecraft Server (1.15.2)


Originally founded in August of 2011, RoleplayCraft (or “RPC” as we like to call ourselves) is one of the longest-running Minecraft roleplay/survival servers around! Whether you want to live your fantasy of being a seasoned monster hunter, pirate of the high seas, a trusted village blacksmith, the esteemed mayor of a town, or are just looking for a place to play Minecraft with some friends, we have a little bit of something for everyone.

Have you never tried a roleplay server before? No problem! With groups of dedicated and avid roleplayers mixed in with a more casual crowd, we have built a community that has stood the test of time! Our staff is some of the most experienced this side of Minecraft’s beta stage, with some having been around since Java Version 1.4.2 (that’s October of 2012 for reference)!

About Us
RoleplayCraft is a fun and relaxed survival server with a roleplay theme, not a strict roleplay server. Our current theme is RPG fantasy and you can create your own areas in any style of building you wish. We have a rank system based on server involvement and an RPG styled race system.

You can play this server for free with full build rights. We do not currently accept donations and do not allow any pay to win.

New Players – Read Me First!

Join us in Discord!

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RCG CityLife – CityRP Server

Join with :
Website :

RCG CityLife is the fastest growing CityRP minecraft server. Our mission is to give people the best experience.

What do you want to do in RCG CityLife? RCG is a City RolePlay server, you start out in New Haven, there you can get / earn several jobs, buy homes and apartments, buy cars and more! Find yourself a job offered by the local government from cleaning the streets, operating the public transport, working for one of the emergency services, or better yet create jobs and have people work for you. There’s plenty of ways to get by in RCG CityLife and the choices are all down to you. Join the community and become part of the story with each player bringing different aspects to the game and new ideas. Grab a few buddies and head up to the local lakes for a fishing trip, or head out to sea for some deep sea fishing! Or why not work within a team and rescue people at sea, helping others whenever possible? Then head over to the Hospital. Fancy some action? Why not join up with the New Haven Police Department (NHPD). The choices are all down to you! The only thing you need here at RCG CityLife is imagination!

Some Information


Think you’ve got what it takes to run the city? Communicate with the people of New Haven? Keep yourself safe from competitors and those who might want their own in power? Maintain taxes and laws, and keep the peace on New Haven? We hope you’ve got what it’ll take! Start launching that campaign and winning the election and see how the population judges you as New Haven Mayor or better yet President. Public speeches and assistance from the New Haven emergency services will help you somewhat, but remember it’s easy to upset people by making changes and the Police certainly will not like an outbreak of public disorder!


Got some extra cash and enjoy treating yourselves? We’ve got plenty of different shops for you to experience at RCG CityLife CityRP. Find everything from clothes shops, tool shops, weapons shops, different vehicle shops and much more. That’s not all! RCG is all about delivering Role-Play with its own environment, buy the shops, stock the shops, compete with other shop owners to attract your customers.

Jobs Avaliable
– Police Officer
– Lawyer
– Farmer
– Politician
– Doctor
– Citizen
– Soldier
– Business
– Chef
– Detective
– Real Estate Agent
– FireFighter
– Employee
– City Mayor
– Congress
– Supreme Court Justice
And Much More

– Housing
– 30+ Jobs
– Cars
– Planes
– Boats
– Court
– Skydiving
– Stocks
– Paintball
– Basketball
– Elections
– Police training to become a Police Officer
– Sports
– Space Program
– Item weight
– Scratch Tickets
– Hats
– Circuits
– Oil
– Fishing
– Engineering
– Custom Foods
– Fire Missions
– Helicopters
– City Roleplay
And Much More

Speed Boat

What role will you play?

Additional Notes
Realistic Combat Gaming, 24/7, Realistic, Life, Fun, jobs, CityRP, city role play.



is a new factions server with big plans of expansion so jump on board with us for a ride to the top! We have a team of active professional admins so abuse and hacking unheard of, We have a large array of custom features like Koth, Envoys, Boss fights, Loot creates, custom menus, custom plugins and more!

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1.12.2 – 1.15.2



Creative Mode

1.12.2 – 1.15.2


Anime Economy Friendly Mmo Rpg Semivanilla Smp Super Supersemivanilla Survival Vanilla

Super Semi Vanilla [1.15.2]

Minecraft 1.15.2 (Latest Version) | Economy | mcMMO | Towny | Survival
⋆ Super Semi Vanilla ⋆

This is a small server with an accepting community for friendly people to come together and hang out on Minecraft. We are primarily a survival server at the moment. You can come on the server to hang out with us while grinding away at survival; we’ll take recommendations for any fun ideas you have.

Join our Discord and check out our website:

Minecraft Vanilla Vanillasurvival

Minecraft-Survival VANILLA 1.5.12

Minecraft-Survival is a Vanilla Minecraft Server. We have minimal plug-ins so you can enjoy the Vanilla Minecraft experience! The staff is very friendly and we look forward to you joining our community!

Feel free to also join us on discord! –

Community Communitydriven Customenchants Economy Fun Hiring Jobs Landclaim Mcmmo New Small Smallcommunity Smallserver Spigot Staff Survival

Elyria MC | Survival | MCMMO | Jobs | Player Shops | Custom Enchants | Communities | New Server

1.15 Survival Minecraft. Custom plugins, in-dept experience, fantastic community.

New Server!

Some plugins installed on the server: Essentials, MCMMO, Jobs, MCMMO Horses, Chest Shops, GriefPrevention, Golden Enchants, Mythic Mobs, Citizens, ShopGui+

Discord | Website




Welcome to AugmentedMC! To get started let me tell you about the server. We are a vanilla survival server with a twist that focuses on nothing more than playing the game that was developed for us.

There are some features that have been added to help us along the way.

We have an online map that you can use by typing the domain into your browser.

We also utilize a system of Waypoints, which help users travel from town to town. You must first travel to a town and unlock that waypoint by right clicking the waypoint’s monument signs to teleport there. If you have a town and want a waypoint, ask an admin or mod to see if you qualify for one.

Since griefing is a serious issue we are concerned about we do have a rollback and grief protection system that can be utilized if you are griefed. Just ask a mod or admin for assistance.

To get to a random place in the world you can type /wild to be teleported to a area to start your life.

We also have PVP enabled in the world, but you have the ability to toggle that with /pvp .

Don’t forget to read the rules, read the /help list, and have fun.

Auctionhouse Coreprotect Crates Custom Customenchants Customworld Dungeons Economy Essentials Ewg Friendly Fun Headdatabase Heads Jobs Kits Mcmmo Minecraft Modified New Playerwarps Pve Server Silkspawners Smp Staff Survival Teleportation Treeassist Worldgenerator

Per Ardua | 2x mcMMO exp | Dungeons | SilkSpawners | Vaults | VeinMiner | Anti-Grief

Hey! This is something I’ve been wanting to do for quite a while. As of right now, it’s not much, but I hope that in time I’m able to grow this server into something great. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, pm me, or join the discord and ask there!

Per Ardua: Alpha 1.0
Minecraft: 1.15.2
Discord: zBe4HfU

• Unlockable Chat Tags
• Unlockable Chat Colours
• Auction House
• CoreProtect
• Custom Enchantments
• mcMMO
• mcMMO Redeemable Credits
• Jobs
• Dungeons
• Head Database
• Player Warps
• Smoother Sleeping
• Better Fishing
• Random Teleportation
• Silk Spawners
• Player Vaults
• Vein Miner
• Tree Falling *
• Crates *
• Player Driven Economy *

* These are currently being worked on.

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